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Historical Object

Alphabet Sampler

Date: 2010-07-27 

Description: A sampler made in Ohio in 1850 with the alphabet in both upper and lower case stitched on it.

Date:  date unknown

Description: Aaron Bohrod posing with wallpaper he designed using State Historical Society of Wisconsin Museum objects as subject matter.

Historical Object

Mary A. Campbell Freeman

Date:  date unknown

Description: Hollow-cut silhouette, facing right (proper left), of Mary A. Campbell Freeman (Mrs. James Freeman). Born in Genoa?, NY, married in 1826.

Date: 1960-10-18 

Description: Jimmy Demetral poses with an ancient Chinese screen at his shop, Gulesserian's, on State Street in Madison. He bought the screen, said to be over three-hun...

Date: 1956-11-13 

Description: Anna Runstrom and her granddaughter, Erica Leigh Runstrom, demonstrate her spinning wheel at the East Side Businessman's hobby show. Erica is wearing a Swe...

Date: 1927 

Description: A Native American boy and girl pose standing in front of a tipi on a hill by a lake. The tipi is covered with a fringed blanket.


Mermaid at Home

Date: 2015-05-10 

Description: Several figurines, starfish, and shells sitting on top of a lace runner on an end table. The figurines include: a young boy carrying two pails of milk, two...


University League

Date: 1961-09-15 

Description: Mrs. Jerome Schwartzbaum (left) and Gertrude Kimbrough look at decorative hookings made by members of the handicrafts group of the Junior Division of the U...

Date: 1959-10-12 

Description: Kate Schultz is shown with a sport coat she made for her husband from fabric that she wove. She also hooked the rug at her feet, upholstered the chair she...


Braided Rugs

Date: 1959-10-08 

Description: Mary Paulick sits on the floor while working on a large braided rug.


Mary Smith Campbell

Date:  date unknown

Description: Hollow-cut silhouette, facing right (proper left), of Mary Smith Campbell (Mrs. Hugh Campbell). Born in Bedford, NH.

Date: 1932 

Description: Eight Native American men pose around the two-story stucco sided Pueblo Home. They are all wearing traditional dress, with four wearing headdresses, and on...

Historical Object

Captain George Myrick

Date: 1844 before

Description: Blueprint from aperture silhouette of Captain George Myrick (1767-1844) of Nantucket, Mass. He faces left (proper right) and is wearing a top hat and neckt...

Date: 1952 

Description: Women of the Hafezi family making bread with ingredients supplied by United States aid to Iran. One of the women weaves a basket.

Date: 1916 

Description: Film still of interior scene, exotic atmosphere, with actor and group of actresses, all in Indian costume with turban.

Date: 1961-05-15 

Description: Barbara Blaedel, Sylvia Graf, and Mary Woelfel wear hats they designed and made and will model at the University League brunch and program.


July Strong Hart

Date: 1832-08-18 

Description: Hollow-cut silhouette of July Strong Hart. Cut-out of paper with pencil detailing and a cloth background.

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Variation of a friendship quilt using neckties made by Allie Crumble, 1982. (Museum object #1996.118.16)

Date: 1964-12-22 

Description: Henry Hinze, age 83, working on a hooked rug to give to his children. He has been hooking rugs since he had a heart attack ten years ago.

Date: 2015-06-13 

Description: Interior view of sheer curtains edged in lace covering a window. On the lace runner covering the ledge along the window are decorative items, including a c...

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