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From Sacred Calumets to Ashtrays

Discover the important role that tobacco and the Peace Pipe have played throughout Wisconsin's history.

Date: 1866-05 

Description: Engraved exterior view of a smelting furnace with a small group of men with horses gathered in front.


Description: The 120 foot shot shaft below the shot tower at Tower Hill State Park.


Description: Photoprint of Crawford County lead district map.

Date: 1909-11 

Description: Postcard of outdoor photograph of funeral and tent/morgue from the Cherry Mine disaster. Writing reads: "#37 Cherry Mine Horror Showing Morgue Dunham Photo...


Cokerville Mine

Date: 1925 ca.

Description: View down road leading up to the Cokerville Mine. Two horses pulling a wagon are near the road, and automobiles are parked on the right near a building wit...


Water Pumps in Mine

Date: 1939 

Description: International PA-100 power unit operating a Pomona water pump in a lead and zinc mine. A box labeled "dynamite" is in the foreground.


Early Lead Mine

Date:  date unknown

Description: Exterior of a badger-type early Wisconsin lead mine.


Abandoned Mine

Date: 1935 ca.

Description: Spoils of an abandoned lead mineshaft.

Learn about the lead mining boom in southwestern Wisconsin in the early 19th century and the miners who gave Wisconsin its "badger" nickname.

A Short History of Wisconsin

Learn about the key people and events during Wisconsin's Territorial Era (1787-1848).

Date: 1872 ca.

Description: Galena (lead sulfide) was melted at this open hearth furnace owned by Richard Straw and Company on the Roundtree Branch of the Little Platte River. The men...

Date: 1948 ca.

Description: Large brick kiln-like structure in field. Built in 1876, the blast furnace was used to salvage additional lead from the slag of 18 area furnaces operating...

Date: 1950 ca.

Description: Students from Platteville, Wisconsin tour a mine to see how lead is extracted.

A Short History of Wisconsin

Read about immigration and economic growth in 19th-century Wisconsin.


Shot Tower

Date: 1836-07 

Description: Sketch of the Shot Tower.

Date: 1853 

Description: Engraved view of miners and hillside mines in the Lead Region.


Lead mine interior

Date: 1930 ca.

Description: View inside a lead mine showing six miners with a car on a track.

Date: 1829 

Description: Cincinnati, Ohio, Ebr. Martin, engraver.


Miners Grading Ore

Date:  date unknown

Description: Miners probably grading galena (lead) ore by putting pieces in drums with holes and letting smaller ones fall through.

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