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Date: 1909 ca.

Description: Depicts an overweight man wearing a bowler hat drinking beer directly from a barrel. In the background beer steins are littering the ground. The caption at...

Date: 1922 ca.

Description: Two men are posing with a cow in a field under trees. One of the men is sitting as if milking the cow with one hand, while he is drinking from a bottle wit...

Date: 1957 

Description: Group portrait of Gisholt employees, members of the Ice Chippers fishing group, based in Madison. They are posing indoors, and Sid Boyum is sitting on the...

Date: 1913-07-04 

Description: Group of people known as the "Moonlight Outing Club" at Muskego Lake.

Date: 1872-02-17 

Description: Political cartoon depicting a woman on a rocky path carrying two children and a drunken husband on her back being tempted by Victoria Woodhull depicted as...


Inga in Kitchen

Date:  date unknown

Description: Inga sitting in a chair in a kitchen with her feet up on the table. She has a cigarette in one hand a drink in the other, and is wearing a scarf over curle...


Description: Angie Vail and Alice Bedard pose in an attempt to break up a staged fight between Robert Vail and Sprague Vonier, while Harold Gauer lies on the ground und...

Date: 1930 ca.

Description: Group of three people standing outside on a sidewalk in front of a stone dwelling with a porch and steps behind them. A man holds a bottle, ready to pour i...

Date: 1938 

Description: Label submitted to the state of Wisconsin for trademark registration. "Cream Top Beer, Whitewater Brewing Co." Pictured on the label is a man sitting at a...

Date: 1860 after

Description: Jefferson Davis, dressed as a woman, floating in a washtub labeled "Lady Davis" which flies the Confederate flag. He holds a bottle in his left hand and st...

Date:  date unknown

Description: View from behind a bar of Sid, in center wearing a hat, standing with friends who are sitting at the bar. Sid's nails are stained, probably with pyrogallol...


John J. Walsh

Date:  date unknown

Description: Lawyer John J. Walsh, 1930 Regent Street, representing the Log Cabin Inn and the Varsity Club at the City Council's public hearings on the proposed legisla...

Date:  date unknown

Description: A group of men and women sitting around a table smoking cigarettes and gesturing, probably at a bar or restaurant. One of the women is kicking her leg high...

Date: 1945-07-28 

Description: Male employees of RMR playing cards at a company picnic.

Date: 1932 

Description: Frank bartending at the Old Fashioned Club.

Date: 1970-04-19 

Description: Lynn Fontanne, Sir Noel Coward, and Alfred Lunt seated at a table in the Pyrenees Restaurant after the Tony Awards presentations at which Lunt and Fontanne...

Date: 1962-07 ca.

Description: Portrait of Sid standing with another man at a gathering. Both men are wearing suits and have cigars in their mouths. Two women are in the background on th...


Four Men Drinking

Date: 1897 ca.

Description: Four men guzzle beverages in a cornfield. The caption on the stereograph reads, "Well, here goes looking at you."

Date:  date unknown

Description: Black letters on white, text reads: "The Wisconsin legislature should pass a bill raising their drinking age above 50 years of age."


Men with Beer Keg

Date: 1910 ca.

Description: Six men posed around a beer keg, holding glasses of beer. One man has a deck of cards.

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