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Date: 1959 

Description: Chinese National marine crawls on his stomach beneath barbed wire in an infiltration training course in Formosa. Another man is on the right. The course in...

Date: 1917 

Description: Panoramic group portrait of the Wisconsin National Guard Ambulance Company No. 1 at Camp Douglas, together with its ambulances and motorcycles with sidecar...


Camp Randall

Date: 1862 ca.

Description: Photograph of a watercolor of a view of Camp Randall, from the northeast. Scene set on rolling hills, shows tents, buildings, horses and military members i...

Date: 1905 ca.

Description: View of St. John's Military Academy.

Date: 1977-06 

Description: Troops in uniform march on a street at Camp McCoy. There are barracks on either side of the road. One soldier carries a U.S. flag while others carry smalle...


Camp Travis

Date: 1918 ca.

Description: A view of men baking bread in a number of outdoor ovens at Camp Travis, named in 1917. On the right, men stand by a table with many loaves of bread, and m...

Date: 1898 ca.

Description: Women and children visit soldiers at Camp Harvey. A long building with other people on a long porch is in the background.

Date: 1944 

Description: Fred Platner's co-workers and officers in a military camp; Tashkent, U.S.S.R. Fred Platner worked at the camp as a truck driver.

Date: 1918 ca.

Description: A view of the seamanship instruction hall at the United States Navy Camp Wissahickon. Equipment lies on either side of the room, and men sit against the r...

Date:  date unknown

Description: A view of two rows of tents at a U.S. Military Academy summer camp at West Point. A soldier stands by a tent in the row on the right side.

Date: 1863 

Description: "Colonel B.J. Sweet's 21st Wisconsin Volunteer Regiments" Lithograph of the 21st Regiment Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, on Parade at Camp Bragg (now Menomi...


M*A*S*H Helicopters

Date: 1960 

Description: Bell Model 47 light observation helicopters during a training exercise at Fort Benning, Georgia. One of the most popular helicopters ever built, the Model...


Regimental Street

Date: 1918 ca.

Description: A view of two automobiles driving down Regimental Street, a dirt road at Camp Logan, where a man is standing by one of many buildings on the left. The roa...

Date: 1915 ca.

Description: Entrance to Range Camp.

Date: 1864-05-20 

Description: A sketch of Camp Randall made from the top of University Building, May 20, 1864, by W.F. Brown of the 40th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Company B. A small...

Date: 1944 

Description: Soldiers sit around International crawler tractors, waiting to receive instruction from a man during a lunch break. The original caption reads, "Group rece...


U. S. Naval Center

Date: 1949-08-10 

Description: Exterior view of the U.S. Naval Training Center at 1046 East Washington Avenue. The Four Lakes Boy Scout Drum and Bugle Corps will be using the building fo...


Major Joachim

Date:  ca.

Description: Major Joachim sits on a cot in his tent holding a drinking glass.

Wisconsin in the Civil War: Camp Randall

In this lesson students will examine the letter of John Cronk to learn more about Camp Randall and the role Wisconsin played in the Civil War

Date: 1885 ca.

Description: Wisconsin National Guard soldiers firing from a seated position at the Camp Douglas firing range.

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