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Date: 1977-06 

Description: Troops in uniform march on a street at Camp McCoy. There are barracks on either side of the road. One soldier carries a U.S. flag while others carry smalle...


New Army Recruits

Date: 1917-09-13 

Description: New army recruits still in their civilian clothes arriving at an unidentified World War I training camp. Many barracks, some still under construction, are...


Camp Travis

Date: 1918 ca.

Description: A recruit receives inoculations from two men on the left at Camp Travis, named in 1917 after William B. Travis.

Date:  date unknown

Description: An aerial view of Kemper Military School. A formation of soldiers march in a field and a school building can be seen on the left. Published by Chas H....

Date: 1943-01-22 

Description: View of pumping units in the hospital heating building at Truax Army Air Field.

Date: 1917-07-30 

Description: For these World War I recruits seen at an unidentified training camp on Long Island, the enemy was not the Germans, but ferocious "Jersey mosquitos" and th...


Regimental Street

Date: 1918 ca.

Description: A view down Regimental Street, a dirt road at Camp Logan, with a bridge leading from the street to buildings on the right. Small buildings also line the l...


National Guard Band

Date: 1887 ca.

Description: Members of the Wisconsin National Guard band pose with their instruments at Camp Douglas.


Sopwith Camels

Date: 1918 ca.

Description: British-built Sopwith Camels at the American Expeditionary Force 2nd Aviation Instruction Center near Tours, France. The Sopwith Camel, manufactured by the...

Date: 1942 ca.

Description: A soldier from the 14th Infantry balancing on an obstacle course at Fort Davis, in Panama. The soldier balances on a wooden log. The soldier is wearing a s...


Military Laundry

Date: 1943-11-30 

Description: Elevated view of the Rough Raider Squadron Laundry, serving 100 customers a day. Eight soldiers can be seen, some working, some watching, and one soldier c...

Date: 1941 

Description: Large group of marines are outdoors firing from a sitting position at a firing range, possibly at a Marine Corps firing range at La Jolla, California.


Barbed Wire Drill


Description: Barbed wire training under Lt. Johnson. An unusual nighttime photograph from the Victor Morris album, at Camp Custer.

Date: 1957-08 

Description: A group of Algerian National Liberation Front members sit watching another member holding a can and what appears to be a fuse. The men are dressed in fatig...

Date: 1907-07-08 

Description: Colorized postcard of a group of women visiting soldiers in a camp. They are seated on folding chairs next to a tent. One soldier is seated with them, othe...

Date: 1918 ca.

Description: A view of the barracks in a wooded area of the United States Naval Training Camp. A man stands between the barracks and a tree in the center.

Date: 1942 

Description: Three uniformed men study a map placed on a desk. The original caption reads, "STUDYING THE BATTALION'S NEXT HOME. Lt. Col. D.L. Van Syckle (right), comman...

Date: 1954-08-31 

Description: Naval reservists Don Lunde, Don Borland, and Richard Olson (left to right), all radarmen, man a combat information center at the Naval Reserve Training Cen...

Date: 1944 

Description: Dorothy Mosher and Pat Hoskins leaning against an airplane.

Date: 1918 ca.

Description: Elevated view of the parade grounds at United States Navy Camp Wissahickon. Men stand in formation on the parade grounds, and to the the right, a flag wav...

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