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Historical Object

Indian POW Pouch


Description: A red, fringed Indian (Native American) pouch with fabric patches that read "U.S. Army" and "POW-MIA".

Date: 1944-02 ca.

Description: An autographed quarter-length portrait of General of the Army Douglas MacArthur seated on an airplane near a window. He is wearing his uniform with a jacke...

Date: 1944 ca.

Description: Robert Doyle interviews a group of nine soldiers at an airfield. They are standing in front of an airplane (tentatively identified as a Douglas C-47 Skytra...

Date: 1947-08-06 

Description: Rows of barracks at Truax Field.


Fueling Station

Date: 1943-11-17 

Description: Corporal Gareale Brezeale of Warren, Arkansas, stands next to barrels, and Private First Class William Imhoff of Detroit, Michigan, holds the nozzle to the...


PT Boats

Date: 1944-01-12 

Description: View of two PT (Patrol Torpedo) boats from another PT boat, off of the north coast of New Guinea (present day Papua New Guinea). PT (Patrol Torpedo) boats...

Date: 1952-11-22 

Description: Lieutenant Colonel Rosengren and Captain George Pierce greet Dwight Martin and Henry Luce upon their arrival in Seoul, Korea.


Description: A Pawling and Harnischfeger Company truck, with an artillery gun mounted on the bed, decorated with banners and flags. Two soldiers are standing on the bac...


Wisconsin Soldier

Date: 1943-07-26 

Description: Master Sergeant William (Hub) Gilligan of Camp Douglas, Wisconsin, poses for a photo at Camp Cable, near Brisbane, Australia. Gilligan is a chief clerk of...

Date: 1944-01-22 

Description: An outdoor kitchen scene at the military camp at Saidor, New Guinea (present day Papua New Guinea). Soldiers from the 121st Field Artillery Battalion are l...

Date: 1945-05 ca.

Description: An outdoor concert for Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz and his staff at CinCPac/CinCPOA Advanced Headquarters on Guam. Admiral Nimitz is 3rd from the right...


GI Eating Rations

Date: 1945-02 

Description: A GI of the United States 76th Infantry Division dines on K rations outside a German pillbox.

Date:  date unknown

Description: A painting of 'The Charge of the New Market Cadets', by West Clinedinst (Clinedienst). The work commemorates the Battle of New Market that took place on...

Date: 1942 

Description: Three uniformed men study a map placed on a desk. The original caption reads, "STUDYING THE BATTALION'S NEXT HOME. Lt. Col. D.L. Van Syckle (right), comman...

Date: 1942 

Description: A group of uniformed enlisted men affiliated with International Harvester stand on risers for a group portrait. The original caption reads, "BATTALION FROM...

Date: 1943-08-01 

Description: Three soldiers from the U.S. 6th Army Division, from Detroit, (left to right), Private Ned Zaffaramo, Private First Class Richard Rheaume and Private Kamil...

Date: 1944-09-18 

Description: Allied soldier posing in Brest, France, in front of a bombed-out building, smoking a cigarette. The street is covered with rubble.

Date: 1943-04-04 

Description: Students from the U.S. Coast Guard Hospital Corps School perform practical experiments for the chemistry phase of their course. The officer in charge of th...

Date:  date unknown

Description: A view of soldiers of the U.S. Military Academy in formation wearing summer uniforms during a parade.

Date: 1960 

Description: Lewis Arms sits on a short concrete wall wearing his military uniform. There is an empty soda bottle at his feet.

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