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Date: 1945-10-08 

Description: A shinto shrine near Tokyo serves as the starting point of a Wisconsin story as Robert J. Doyle (lower left), correspondent of the Journal, takes the names...

Date: 1945-04-30 

Description: An autographed quarter-length portrait of Fleet Admiral Chester William Nimitz in his office at CinCPac/CinCPOA Advanced Headquarters on Guam. He is standi...

Date: 1942-08-15 

Description: A uniformed member of the US armed forces leans against the rail of a raised platform at a Civilian Defense Rally. The man is wearing a hat and has two bar...

Lesson Plan

The Costs of War

Wisconsin World War II Stories: Europe

Students study national records detailing casualties resulting from World War II and draw conclusions

Date: 1943-12-26 

Description: Elevated view looking down towards deck of an American cruiser leaving the base heading for the bombardment of Cape Gloucester, New Britain, New Guinea (pr...

Date: 1944-09-08 

Description: View of distant smoke from the battle surrounding Brest, France. In the foreground, soldiers are parked in a large field with an air support radio jeep. Th...

Date: 1948-07-27 

Description: Staff Sgt. John C. Ludden, U.S. Air Force, filling out enlistment papers for his brother, James G. Ludden, 17, a 1948 graduate of East High School, at the...

Date: 1943-12-26 

Description: Elevated view, perhaps from an American Cruiser, of warships leaving the base heading for the bombardment of Cape Gloucester, New Britain, New Guinea (pres...

Date: 1942 ca.

Description: Holiday card with the American and Taiwan flags tied together with a cord with tassels. Above is "UNITED STATES" in a Chinese themed typeface. Between the...

Date: 1944-09-10 

Description: Soldiers with a 105mm Howitzer near Brest, France. Camouflage netting is over their heads. Names, (left to right) are Private First Class Thomas Greatorex...

Date: 1954-02-18 ca.

Description: General Ralph Zwicker (center), commandant of Camp Kilmer and a native of Stoughton, Wisconsin. In 1954, General Zwicker became a central figure in Senato...

Date: 1943-11-13 

Description: Four war correspondents, (left to right), Robert Doyle of the Milwaukee Journal, an unknown man, Ralph Boyce of YANK Army Weekly magazine and...

Date: 1944-02-03 

Description: Artillery group leaving on patrol from camp in Saidor, New Guinea (present day Papua New Guinea). Names: (Front to rear) Private First Class Stanley Prachn...


ABC Tractor

Date: 1958 

Description: Three-quarter view from front of an ABC tractor. The original caption reads, "In April 1958, the United States Army, Corps of Engineers, awarded Internatio...

Date: 1945-02-22 

Description: The batter swings at an exhibition baseball game on a Naval Base on Kwajalein Island of the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific. Both teams had Big Leagu...



Date: 1944-02-04 

Description: A soldier sits in a bulldozer parked under the nose of a warplane at an airbase near Port Moresby, New Guinea (present day Papua New Guinea). Another man i...

Date: 1950-09-12 

Description: The officers of the Madison Army Officers' Wives Association gather for a group portrait. Seated from left to right are Mrs. Anthony Kalupy, treasurer; Mrs...


Front at Nago

Date: 1945 

Description: The front at Nago, Okinawa. A uniformed soldier stands on a rocky outcropping near bushes. Misty or smoky hillsides are visible in the background.


Mr. Bones

Date: 1943-04-04 

Description: The class of U.S. Coast Guard Hospital Corps School Pharmacists' Mates-to-be is introduced to the skeleton of the human body as part of their studies of an...

Historical Object

Indian POW Pouch


Description: A red, fringed Indian (Native American) pouch with fabric patches that read "U.S. Army" and "POW-MIA".

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