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Election Worker

Date: 2012-10 

Description: Mrs. Curt Reithel, a La Crosse County Democratic Headquarters worker, on the phone during the 2012 Election run-up. She is seated at a desk. A brick wall i...


Street Scene

Date: 1913 

Description: View down sidewalk towards a sign that says "... and Lodging England's" for a boarding house is on the extreme left. Next to the sign is a building with a...

Date: 1957-11-11 

Description: Three women attend an event to display Dane County Medical Society Women's Auxiliary projects. Hilda Ewell (left), Pauline Wixson, and Helen E. Supernaw l...

Date: 1910 

Description: Color lithograph poster on paper. Across the top reads "Klaw and Erlanger's production" followed by the title in larger letters. Below the title and on the...

Date: 1899-05 

Description: A student studies in his dorm room.

Date:  date unknown

Description: Poster of composite image of "Concerts on the Square" which has a photograph of the Wisconsin State Capitol on the right, and a drawing of the hand of a co...

Date: 1929 

Description: A hall, possibly at the McCormick Works Club House, decorated with vases of flowers, long tables laid with place settings, and chairs set up for a banquet...

Date: 1986 ca.

Description: Pictorial map showing businesses with phone numbers, roads, railroads, and parks. Includes text titled "History of Portage County."

Date: 1919 ca.

Description: Group of male and female workers assembling International Harvester Agricultural Extension lecture charts.

Date: 1946-06-29 

Description: Window display featuring the July, 1946 issue of Holiday magazine. In this issue is an article called, "Read about Wisconsin's Dairyland" by Phil Dr...

Date: 1943 

Description: A man and a boy stand at a parts counter in an International Harvester dealership. A woman is helping them from behind a counter. A poster advertising vict...

Date: 1912 

Description: High School Agricultural Fair broadside stating that the event will be held on the High School Fairgrounds of Livingston on October 5.


Cat in the Hat Day

Date: 1998-02 

Description: Congressman David R. Obey reads from "The Cat in the Hat" to young constituents who are wearing special hats. In the background are several shelves of book...


Viola Court House

Date:  date unknown

Description: Exterior view of the "Viola Court House" — a small wooden building where one can find the Justice of the Peace. Posters on the exterior walls promote an up...

Date: 1890 ca.

Description: Color lithograph poster. Top caption reads "Social Session" with an insert to the right containing an image of "D. J. Sprague, Manager." The image shows me...

Date: 1884 after

Description: Subheading states the center building to be the oldest house in Milwaukee, and built by Matthias Stein in January 1838. The home is only two stories tall,...

Date: 1930 

Description: An International Harvester booth with a thatched roof (possibly constructed of binder twine fiber) stands underneath a tent at the Indiana State Fair. Ther...


WIBA Prize Winners

Date: 1946-10 

Description: WIBA prize winners. Two couples seated behind a WIBA microphone with four Robin Hood White Flour posters on the wall.

Date: 1887 

Description: Color lithograph poster. A man stands at a train station, his luggage flying out from the baggage room. The caption reads "The Junction-the Train Four Hour...

Date: 1917 ca.

Description: Color lithograph poster on paper. The top caption reads: "For fun" and alongside it in larger letters is "Turn to the right." The "i" in Right" is depicted...

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