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Date: 1942-05-25 ca.

Description: Female factory workers inspect parts at International Harvester's 20 (twenty) millimeter gun plant. Original caption reads: "Many small parts for the gun a...

Date: 1963 

Description: Close-up of cans used for homemade explosives by the anti-Castro group Commandos L. The cans are sitting on a table with a lamp, a bowl and books of matche...

Historical Object

Monster Knife

Date: 1990 ca.

Description: A woman holds the monster knife and its sheath. Giant knife presented to John Fox Potter by Missouri Republicans after Potter's threatened duel with a Virg...

Date: 1936 

Description: Member of the anti-Castro group Commandos L spray painting a homemade explosive device with a camouflage pattern under a covered porch. Parked cars and tre...


John B. Callis

Date:  date unknown

Description: Carte-de-visite of a three-quarter length portrait of John B. Callis in uniform with a sword on his left side.


Description: The Milwaukee police approach a line of NAACP Youth Council members in an attempt to break up a demonstration.

Date: 1918 

Description: Seated around a table in a dining room, Mary Thurman offers a spoonful of peas to Ford Sterling (at right, dressed as a dandy) while Chester Conklin begs f...


Camp Meade

Date: 1918 ca.

Description: A group of soldiers practicing with bayonets at Camp Meade, established in 1917. The view includes military buildings behind the soldiers.

Date: 1835 ca.

Description: The Pipe Dance and the Tomahawk Dance of the Chippeway (Ojibwa) Tribe. Hand-colored lithograph from the Aboriginal Portfolio, painted at the Treaty of Prai...

Date: 1942 ca.

Description: Although handwriting identifies this photograph as "Machine gun supporting tank attack," it is likely, since the print is also identified as having been ta...

Date: 1916 

Description: Lenore Ulric draws her bow crouched on a papier-mâché boulder. She starred as Wetona in the 1916 Frohman-Belasco Broadway production The Heart of Wetona...

Date: 1993-09 

Description: Civil war re-enactors in costume armed with bayonets.

Date:  date unknown

Description: Full-length studio portrait of two Ho-Chunk men, Chas. Swan and Andrew Big Soldier, in front of a painted backdrop. Both men are wearing Ho-Chunk regalia i...

Date: 1917 

Description: Betty Sherwin, played by Fannie Ward with her rock pick in hand, searches her inherited mine for gold in a scene still for the silent comedy "Betty to the...

Date: 1942-05-25 ca.

Description: Factory workers lift a gun at International Harvester's 20 (twenty) millimeter gun plant. Original caption reads: "The workmen shown in this picture are li...

Date: 1957-08 

Description: An Algerian member of the National Liberation Front poses as 'attacking' Dickey Chapelle from a boulder in the desert. He is jumping off a boulder with a l...


Winslow Relics

Date:  date unknown

Description: Group of Edward Winslow, pilgrim leader and governor of Plymouth Colony, relics. Features sword, crest, portrait, book, a locking box, a set of baby shoes...

Date: 1964 

Description: A group of law enforcement officers stand in the street near a vehicle labeled "Police Department" on the side. In the foreground on the left a police offi...

Date: 1860 after

Description: A man dressed in a blue jacket and light blue trousers fishes in a "SECESSION POND". He is sitting on the Union flag. His fishing line has a Union flag on...

Date:  date unknown

Description: Sculpture relief entitled, "Landing of the Pilgrims." The piece depicts pilgrims stepping out of their boats and arriving on shore. Text at the bottom o...

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