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Date: 1912 ca.

Description: Hattie Taylor and daughter Tannisse walk under a Milwaukee park culvert.

Date: 1915 ca.

Description: Mothers in class learning to care for their babies. The caption reads: "Little Mothers Class in Connection with School Work".

Date: 1930 ca.

Description: Studio portrait in front of a painted backdrop of a Ho-Chunk woman, Amanda Bighawk posing sitting holding her son Calvin Smith-Whitewater, and a Ho-Chunk w...

Date: 1944-05-10 

Description: Mrs. Dorsey Botham, (Elizabeth Botham), and her eight children: Rosemary, left, and Rosanne, right, 7 year-old twins seated on the floor; Ruth Ellen, left...


Mary and Katie Temp

Date: 2011-11-24 

Description: Mary (Kate) Marcou Temp sits on the sofa reading a newspaper while her daughter Kate Temp kneels on the floor viewing her electronic reader on Thanksgiving...

Date: 1922 

Description: Mrs. Esther Meyers (played by Vera Gordon) and her son Robert Meyers (Harry Benham) in a scene still from "Your Best Friend" (Rapf 1922).


Walrath Mothers

Date: 1920 ca.

Description: Group portrait of Walrath mothers and their children.

Date: 1944-12-29 

Description: Reverend C.O. and Mrs. Grobber and daughters at WIBU radio station studio. Reverend Grobber is seated in front of a microphone, Mrs. Grobber and daughters...

Date: 1846 ca.

Description: Sixth plate daguerreotype of Betsy H. Smith, left, with her daughter, Laura, right,and son, George. The three are the mother, sister and brother of Rosella...

Date: 1989 

Description: Photographic holiday card from Tommy Thompson and family, governor of Wisconsin, 1987-2001. The card is a color image of Mr. Thompson, his wife, daughters,...

Date: 1949-01-18 

Description: Mrs. Charles H. (Mary) Rogers, graduate nurse and instructor in the infant-care course at the Madison Vocational and Adult Education School, explaining cer...

Date: 1930 

Description: Portrait of a Nunivak woman and child.

Date: 1909 ca.

Description: Oval portrait of Maude Rogers Hascall and her first son, Don.

Date: 1958-01-07 

Description: Ward captains meet to plan the Mothers' March on Polio in connection with the Dane County March of Dimes. The Mothers' March will take place the night of J...


Cotton Workers

Date:  date unknown

Description: Posed studio portrait in front of a painted backdrop of two African American agricultural workers picking cotton, location unknown. A little girl sits in a...

Date:  date unknown

Description: Stereograph portrait of Mrs. Lo, seated in front of a traditional dwelling, holding her infant Little Negee.

Date: 1947-12-16 

Description: June (Mrs. Robert O.) McLean, and her children Roderick and Gwen, putting the finishing touches on a Gingerbread House.

Date: 1956 ca.

Description: Magda Herzberger sitting on a lawn outside of Beilinson Hospital in Tel Aviv, Israel, with her son Henry and daughter Monika.

Date: 1958-02-20 

Description: Monona Village homemakers share their weekday coffee hour at the home of Mrs. Randall Wind. Mrs. Wind holds her daughter Lori, age 2. Guests are Mrs. John...

Date: 1945-06-28 

Description: Vice-Admiral Marc A. Mitscher stands with his mother, Mrs. Oscar A. Mitscher (left), and smiles at his wife, Frances Smalley Mitscher, after a reunion at h...

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