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Date: 1947-12-16 

Description: June (Mrs. Robert O.) McLean, and her children Roderick and Gwen, putting the finishing touches on a Gingerbread House.

Date: 1932-04-09 

Description: Dr. Clarence W. "Doc" Spears, the new University of Wisconsin football coach, with his wife and their three children are greeted by a crowd.

Date: 1947-12-16 

Description: June McGovern is reading The Night Before Christmas to her children Diane, Jill and Jackie.

Date: 1910 ca.

Description: Four generations of women pose in the corner of a room. They include (left to right): Grandmother Klause, mother Ida Klause Miller, Great-Grandmother Wolf,...

Date: 1860 after

Description: A mother, Lady Liberty, sleeps in a four poster bed. She is wearing a liberty cap. The canopy on the bed is made of Union flags. A girl, representing the s...

Date: 1944-06-24 

Description: Romance Koopman and her son, Bobby Koopman. She did freelance writing and radio scripts, and was a winner of five national awards for writing. Her mother w...


Description: Studio portrait of Leroy Gates and family.

Date: 1947-12-16 

Description: Kenneth Lemmer Jr., sitting in a high chair, is playing with a Christmas tree ornament. His mother Katherine Lemmer is wrapping Christmas presents at a tab...

Date: 1948-11-28 

Description: Valera Widener and her children: Norma (on her lap), Franklin (left), and Lyall (right), in Baron Brothers Department Store drinking milk provided by the E...

Date: 1910 ca.

Description: Formal studio portrait of the Berger family and a young boy in front of a painted backdrop. Names, left to right: Doris Berger, Jack Anderson, Victor Berge...


Woman and Infant


Description: A woman is holding an infant on her lap, probably Mrs. John H. Mills with son, Dudley.

Date: 1950-05-09 

Description: Mrs. Arnold H. (Margaret) Dammen, 4329 Hillcrest Drive, is pictured with her four children. Jane, age 5, sits at left next to her mother, and Mary Kate, 4...

Date: 1917 ca.

Description: United States Food Administration poster depicting a woman holding a crying infant on her shoulder with one arm, and her other arm around a young girl who...

Date: 1955-11-21 

Description: Julius and Mary Sparkman and their children Melvin and Pamela looking at a chart showing efforts to be a peacemaker. The Sparkmans were the directors of t...

Date: 1950-08-20 

Description: Group portrait of Mary Day and her daughters Beulah McClelland, Julia Day, Nona Kinnear, Ella Rasmussen, and Mrs. Thomas Earle.


Summer Visitors

Date: 1950 

Description: Portrait of Betty Jean Smith Arms with her children, David, age 1 1/2, and Karen, age 4.


Mother's Day

Date: 1956-05-07 

Description: Three generation Mother's Day portrait of Violet Schneiders (grandmother), Betty Sonneland, Jr. (mother), with 4-year-old Arthur "Kim", and 19-month-old Kr...


The James Family

Date:  date unknown

Description: A postcard image of Jesse, Frank and the mother James.


Description: The Gesell family in costume with broom, sword, and other props for a humorous picture. Family members identified as follows: Gerhard Jr. (drinking from pi...

Date: 1914 

Description: Georgia Lloyd Jones and her daughter Florence (Bis or Bisser) on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Agricultural Hall is in the background...

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