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Cut Fence

Date: 1963-09-10 

Description: A boy repairs the fence at the Golden Guernsey Dairy cooperative McKerrow Farms.

Date: 1927-04-21 

Description: Two men pose outside of McCreary Hardware alongside a giant International Harvester cream separator display. The hardware store also served as an Internati...

Date: 1936 

Description: R.H. Bunker and N.H. Dover stand next to milk coolers and cream separators on display at an International Harvester dealership.

Date: 1946 

Description: Joe Santana kneels beside a dairy cow in a barn to use a McCormick-Deering milker. The original caption reads, "Joe Santana, 326-S, Studebaker St., at Norw...


Description: The Foil Pack Brick Cheese is a surface-ripened cheese. Each cheese is washed with whey to enhance the ripening process, during the week-long stay in the c...

Date: 1936-07-14 

Description: Two children, Charles and Lois, stand next to a McCormick-Deering 6-can milk cooler. The children are the grandchildren of Paul Myers.

Date: 1930-08 

Description: The Ingenues, an all-girl band and vaudeville act, serenading the cows in the University of Wisconsin-Madison Dairy Barn in a scientific test of whether th...


Model Dairy Farm

Date:  date unknown

Description: A model dairy farm maintained by Hoard's "Dairyman Magazine" for experimental purposes. Two women are walking in the driveway near the buildings on the rig...

Date: 1928-05-14 

Description: Ball-bearing cream separators, parts, and a one and half horse power stationary engine on display against a backdrop of advertising posters at the Milwauke...

Date: 1920 ca.

Description: University of Wisconsin-Madison. Site of the first dairy school at a state university, built in 1889. Three-story building, with vines growing on the porch...

Date: 1937 

Description: McCormick-Dealer dairy equipment dealer Lyal H. Watkins demonstrates to Ernie Deensford how to clean a milker hose.

Date: 1937-10-06 

Description: Mr. C.L. Thompson from the Thompson Hardware Company demonstrates a McCormick-Deering milker to an unidentified man and dairyman Wayne Wakefield. The men...

Date: 1925-07-07 

Description: A young woman wearing a dress and a pearl necklace fills a metal pail marked "School" from a cream separator. Additional milk pails sit on the floor beside...

Date: 1940 

Description: A man carrying milk bottles stands at the doorway to a walk-in cooler at the Eubanks Dairy.


Description: Each Brick Cheese is packed in an airtight bag. A machine draws all the air out of the bag and a clip is applied. By dipping each package in hot water, the...

Date: 1972 

Description: "Cheese display. Varieties are Brick, Cheddar, Colby, Swiss, Provolone & Blue."

Date: 1913 

Description: Cover of an advertising catalog for International Harvester's Dairymaid line of cream separators showing a woman with her hand on a gate and a pail over he...

Date: 1922 

Description: Exterior view across road of a creamery. The front of the creamery has a roof supported with columns over the elevated driveway and loading dock for delive...


Description: Letterhead of the Horlick's Food Company of Racine, Wisconsin, from the 1890s, showing the Horlick's factory, a dairy maid with a cow and a container of Ho...

Date: 1930-10 

Description: A man spreads superphosphate from a bucket onto manure near cattle stanchions in a barn.

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