Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Landscape view of the Martin Luetscher II farmstead, Honey Creek Township, Wisconsin, c. 1875 (Museum object #2005.182.1)

Rural Wisconsin

View the landscapes of rural Wisconsin through the eyes of photographer Paul Vanderbilt.

Learn how paintings from the Wisconsin Historical Society's collection provide clues about the past.

Learn how the landscape of Wisconsin, which was transformed by the glaciers, shaped the history of the state.

Supplemental materials for the 4th-grade textbook, 'Wisconsin: Our State Our Story'

Supplemental materials for Chapter 2 of the 4th-grade textbook, 'Wisconsin: Our State Our Story'

Ever wonder why beer is so popular in Wisconsin? Wisconsin history is full of breweries and beer.

An Inventive and Imaginative Photographer

Learn about H.H. Bennett, the 19th-century photographer of Wisconsin Dells landscapes.

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