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County: Dane

City: Madison

Date: 1939-01 

Description: Holocaust survivor Susanne Hafner Goldfarb as a young girl, on deck of the S.S. Conte Bianco Mano, en route to Shanghai.

Date: 1905 

Description: A map of showing the population density of foreign-born Scandinavians in Wisconsin based information from the 1905 census. The map also shows the county b...

Date:  date unknown

Description: A map indicating the population density of German-born people in Wisconsin based on the 1905 census. The map shows the county boundaries throughout the st...

Date: 1949 

Description: Susanne Hafner Goldfarb on deck of S.S. Castel Bianco en route to Israel.

Newspaper Article/Clipping

St. Nazianz nears its 75th birthday

Date: 1929-5-23

County: Manitowoc

City: Saint Nazianz

Newspaper Article/Clipping

Recall days of yore at banquet

Date: 1915-3-03

County: Columbia

City: Portage

Date: 1923-1-14

County: Dane

City: Madison

Date: 1922-8-27

County: Door

Newspaper Article/Clipping

Married fifty years

Date: 1907-10-06

County: Fond Du Lac

City: Brandon

Newspaper Article/Clipping

She once danced with prince

Date: 1935-8-02

County: Rock

City: Beloit

Historical Essay

20th-Century Immigration

Learn how economic and social conditions in Wisconsin and elsewhere brought new groups of immigrants to Wisconsin in the 20th century.

Date: 1960-03-29 

Description: Lt. Charles Grimminger Jr., Truax education officer, left, hands a Certificate of Training to Mrs. Midori Fugate of Japan and Romeo Downer from British We...

Date: 192?-6-05

County: Fond Du Lac

City: Fond du Lac

Newspaper Article/Clipping

New Glarus celebrates

Date: 1905-8-17

County: Green

City: New Glarus

Newspaper Article/Clipping

Date: 1818-3-01

Newspaper Article/Clipping

Story of the long ago

Date: 1915-5-09

County: Chippewa

City: Chippewa Falls

Date: 1933-06-22 

Description: Twelve boys and girls, coached by J.C. Haberman, in an acrobatic/gymnastic pose at the Madison Turners Hall, 21 South Butler Street. They performed seven "...

Date: 1919-05-18 

Description: Scene from Poale Zion Chasidim, an Americanization pageant held in the Milwaukee auditorium to welcome Milwaukee's new citizens.

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