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Date: 1924-7-27

County: Dane

Newspaper Article/Clipping

A bit of Germany in Wisconsin

Date: 1927-2-27

County: Calumet

City: New Holstein

Date: 1967 

Description: A farm worker giving an oath to be sworn in to file claims for workmen's compensation at the Obreros Unidos office in front of a volunteer. Obreros Unidos...

Newspaper Article/Clipping

Berlin resident is a centenarian

Date: 1918-3-07

County: Green Lake

City: Berlin

Newspaper Article/Clipping

More Eleazer Williams facts

Date: 1902-5-06

Newspaper Article/Clipping

Tells tale of first settlers

Date: 1916-6-11

County: Milwaukee

City: Milwaukee

Newspaper Article/Clipping

Arkansaw has an interesting pioneer history

Date: 1942-6-18

County: Pepin

City: Arkansaw

Date: 1936 

Description: Two maps of Wisconsin showing foreign born populations by county in 1890 and 1910.

Newspaper Article/Clipping

The man in the street

Date: 1903-7-22

Date: 1924-8-02

County: Jefferson

City: Watertown

Date: 1917-9-08

County: Milwaukee

City: Milwaukee

Newspaper Article/Clipping

Historical sketch of Abbotsford, Wis.

Date: 1911-9-22

County: Marathon

City: Abbotsford


Market Square

Date: 1890 ca.

Description: Polish immigrant standing near a team of horses eating hay in Market Square. He is wearing work clothes. Large brick buildings are in the background.

Date: 1915-8-14

County: Green

Date: 1949 

Description: From left: unidentified man, son Andre, wife Rose, unidentified woman, Walter Wolf Peltz looking out of the window of a railroad car; Hamburg, Germany, en...

Date: 1923-6-08

County: Door

City: Ephraim

Date: 1918-2-16

County: Brown

City: Green Bay

Date: 1928-4-05

County: Door

City: Sturgeon Bay

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Decorated trunk brought to Wisconsin from Norway by immigrant Mette Kristina Larsdotter Mokrid, c. 1845. (Museum object #2000.77.1)

Newspaper Article/Clipping

The dauphin and his keepers

Date: 1903-7-23

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