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Historical Essay

Danes in Wisconsin

Brief history of Danes in Wisconsin.


Discover how the government tried to assimilate Germans and Indians into their culture.

Historical Essay

French in Wisconsin

Brief history of the French in Wisconsin.

Brief history of the various reformed churches brought to Wisconsin by German and Dutch immigrants.

Wisconsin and the Civil War

Use the 1862 Civil War Draft Riots to examine differing opinions on the Civil War in Wisconsin

Historical Essay

Lutherans in Wisconsin

Brief documenting of the history of Lutherans in Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Schurz, Carl (1829-1906)

Wisconsin Civil War Soldier, U. S. Senator, German-Language Newpaper Editor

Read about Carl Schurz, the German immigrant and political reformer who helped elect President Lincoln, fought in the Civil War, served as a U.S. Senator.

Historical Essay

Tobacco Industry

Broef history of Wisconsin's tobacco industry.

Historical Essay

Mexicans in Wisconsin

Brief history of Mexicans in Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Belgians in Wisconsin

Brief history of Belgians in Wisconsin.

Packing a traveler's trunk offers students the opportunity to take a closer look at the immigrant experience in this lesson

Use a letter written home by a Norwegian immigrant to take a closer look at the immigrant experience in 1840s Wisconsin

Historical Essay

Czechs in Wisconsin

Brief history of Czechs in Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Wisconsin Emigrant Agency

Brief history of the Wisconsin Emigrant Agency.

Historical Essay

Swiss in Wisconsin

Brief history of the Swiss in Wisconsin.

Brief history of the temperance movement in Wisconsin.

Europeans Come to Wisconsin

Discover how Native Americans were removed from their lands in Wisconsin to make room for European immigrants.

The Virgin Mary Appears to an Illiterate Peasant Girl

Learn about the first and only manifestation of the Virgin Mary in the United States near Green Bay, confirmed by the Vatican.

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Early hand-carved table made by Levi Havemann, a German immigrant to Madison, c. 1860. (Museum object #1998.21.1)

Students will learn more about the history of their own family as well as the larger history of immigration to Wisconsin
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