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Description: A presidential political campaign award of appreciation for Reagan-Bush '84. On the left is a black and white head and shoulders portrait of Ronald Reagan....

Historical Object

FDR Campaign Banner

Date: 1932 

Description: Campaign banner in support of Franklin Delano Roosevelt for President. The banner bears Roosevelt's image and the phrases "God Bless America" and "our next...

Historical Object

Fargo Family

Date: 1900-07 

Description: A decorated album page features two photographs of members of the Fargo family posing near the ornate porch of their home. In the photograph on the left, F...

Date: 1984 ca.

Description: One presidential political campaign poster for Ronald Reagan and George Bush. One side displays numerous photographs of groups of people around a large ima...

Date:  date unknown

Description: Five items in an assortment of political campaign ephemera for Aldai Stevenson and Estes Kefauver. At top left is a bumper sticker with yellow text on a bl...


Description: Eight assorted presidential political campaign buttons. Seven of them are for Bob Dole, and one is for the 1996 San Diego Republican National Convention, w...

Date: 2008 

Description: Framed assortment of political campaign buttons for John McCain and running mate Sarah Palin, and Barack Obama and running mate Joe Biden. Most represent t...


Description: Patience we learned and requiem
to rest the tense who die
For we forgot the brazen earth
in courtship of the sky


Description: It's a day for celebration, just to be so cheering glad and everyone to know


Description: Folded booklet with a head shot of Spiro Agnew, Vice President of the United States. The inside is printed with Spiro Theodore Agnew's personal and profess...

Date: 2004 

Description: Framed assortment of campaign buttons for John Kerry and running mate John Edwards, and George W. Bush and running mate Dick Cheney. One button shows a rin...

Historical Object

Fargo Ancestors

Date: 1917 before

Description: An album page with mounted copies of six photographic portraits of three generations of the Fargo family. They include Robert Fargo (1766(?)-1849), his son...

Historical Object

Wisconsin Thematic Panel 62-69


Description: The arrangements

Somebody takes care of it:
planning the details, announcements,
setting the tone,
fitting all the likel...


Description: I'll show you all the imported graces
and you shall see New Fontainebleau


Description: The log who was made King of Logs is here entombed
eight round, ten long

For his design, the strengthened forest
capriciously outgrew them all...


Description: Let us be wrong in all our judgments

At that fine point We cannot quite believe
the steps between the superstitions
The feathers, the little e...


Description: Bring back somehow the big Hello
Prolong the noisiest day
The clapping hands are stilled too soon
And much too far away


Description: An assortment of presidential political campaign ephemera. At the top is the inside of a holiday card with a color portrait of Bob and Elizabeth Dole, whic...


Description: An assortment of eight political campaign buttons for Richard Nixon, along with Agnew and Lodge. The buttons include a homemade metal sign with red and blu...


Description: A portrait of President George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush.

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