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Description: An assortment of printed political campaign advertisements for John F. Kennedy, Herbert Humphrey, Lyndon B. Johnson, Thomas E. Dewey, and others.


Description: New land cut out by real imaginary lines
based in older spirit courses
lay and bedrock, flight of birds and pointed feet


Description: Bumper sticker with black text on a yellow background that reads: "Buck Nixon, send your buck to McGovern." Includes a caricature of Nixon with a caption t...


Description: In God we Trust assorted needs

The complex amplitudes and waste
are never balanced, only tasted


Description: The world is flat; we get around
this stretched credulity
by going straight as an arrow
and meeting ourselves in a space of time

Date: 1972 ca.

Description: Graphite pencil with red and blue text on white reading: "McGovern '72'."


Description: Two presidential political campaign stickers and one button for Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro. One sticker is blue with white text and reads: "Monda...


Description: Something less than the half of everything
is the better, the partner, the woman waiting

What counselor, over his shoulder, can count the ways


Description: The river told them how to make the map
Legends later flocked the shore


Description: Rooms remembered for what they led to
What they shut out and how they silent sang


Description: Native buildings, hardly noticed in the tapestry,
long as a house of indeterminates
full of ladders unexplained


Description: Framed assortment of presidential campaign buttons. A majority of them support Franklin D. Roosevelt throughout his four terms. A few others support Harry...


Description: Two presidential political campaign bumper stickers for Jimmy Carter and Admiral Elmo Zumwalt, as well as a postcard with a portrait of Jimmy Carter sittin...

Date: 1964 

Description: Framed assortment of political campaign buttons for Lyndon B. Johnson and running mate Hubert Humphrey, and Barry Goldwater and running mate William E. Mil...

Date: 1984 ca.

Description: A pass with an attached string promoting a "Special Greeting Area" at the Capitol for Mondale and Ferraro on Friday, October 12 at noon.


Description: The bargain was that the driven wedge
would never be withdrawn

Historical Object

Wisconsin Thematic Panel 33-46


Description: The Little Bluebirds — has anyone expressed it better
than Judy Garland singing
. . . why, oh why, can't I

Date: 2012 

Description: Framed assortment of political campaign buttons for Barack Obama and running mate Joe Biden, and Mitt Romney and running mate Paul Ryan. Two of the buttons...


Description: If you will tell me, then, the things that you have read
I shall not have heard of them
but I will read them for your sake

There is a meeting...

Date:  date unknown

Description: We tend to forget that at the time of the destruction of the forests, an emergency situation existed. The need for lumber for the building up of the...

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