Tuttle cemetery with flag, mound at sunset at Aztalan State Park.


Human Burials, Mounds and Cemeteries and State Law

Learn about the state and federal laws that protect burial sites, Native American mounds, and other places where human remains are buried.


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Home Burials

Has a relative asked to be buried on their farm or homestead? Are you interested in being buried on property that you own? Learn how to establish a home burial.

What laws affect home burial? Read this before you create a burial site on private property.
For Archaeologists and Consultants

Are you a member of the archaeological community? Find information, guides and forms to assist you with preservation laws and resources.

What steps should you take to research burial sites prior to conducting a field project? Read more to find out.

Learn what the standards and expectations are for archaeologists working within Wisconsin's human burial sites.

A Guide for Archaeologists

Ensure you are complying with Wisconsin's burial sites laws.

Learn how archaeologists request approval from the Director of the Wisconsin Historical Society
Moving Burial Sites

Moving human burials should only be undertaken as a last resort. Read these articles to learn the procedures to follow.

Read this information before planning a project inside a cemetery or mound group.

Your Rights Under Wisconsin State Law

Are you unhappy about a decision to move or protect a human burial site? Find out the process to request an appeal.

Who are the Board members and what do they do? Find out here.
Protecting Burial Sites

Though State law protects all human burial sites, older burial sites and mounds are sometimes damaged. Learn what you can do to help protect them.

What You Can Do

Do you want to know how to protect a human burial site in Wisconsin? Learn several ways to preserve cemeteries and Native American mounds.

What to do if you notice a human burial site being destroyed or damaged.

What to do if You Think a Cemetery is Not Being Properly Maintained

Are you concered about an overgrown or neglected cemetery? Learn what you can do to help.

Who They Are and How to Join

Do you have an interest in protecting a particular cemetery or type of burial site? Learn why you should apply for the Registry of Interested Persons.
Burial Sites Catalog

This catalog lists human burial sites with known locations and a certainty or likelihood that human remains are present.

Learn more about this list of known human burial sites in Wisconsin.

Learn how cataloged human burial sites in Wisconsin are given greater protection under Wisconsin State Law

Learn about the benefits of cataloging a human burial site, from property tax exemptions to membership on the Registry of Interested Persons.

Want to protect a burial site and lower your property taxes at the same time? Find out how.

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