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Community: Madison

County: Dane

Historic Name: Sherman Avenue Historic District

Reference Number: 88000216

Community: Columbus

County: Columbia

Historic Name: Prairie Street Historic District

Reference Number: 98001586

National or State Registers Record

Twelfth St.

Community: Galesville

County: Trempealeau

Historic Name: Gale College Historic District

Reference Number: 84004020

Community: Plymouth

County: Sheboygan

Historic Name: Downtown Plymouth Historic District

Reference Number: 16000421

National or State Registers Record

415, 419, 429, 443, 449, and 455 Roosevelt Avenue

Community: Eau Claire

County: Eau Claire

Historic Name: Roosevelt Avenue Historic District

Reference Number: 09000219

National or State Registers Record

Roughly bounded by Anderson Lane and North Water St.

Community: Ephraim

County: Door

Historic Name: Anderson Dock Historic District

Reference Number: 85001249

Community: Portage

County: Columbia

Historic Name: Church Hill Historic District

Reference Number: 96001628

National or State Registers Record

Roughly bounded by W. Main St., Gaspar St. and Broadway

Community: Waukesha

County: Waukesha

Historic Name: Block C Historic District

Reference Number: 95001504

National or State Registers Record

West of Prairie du Sac

Community: Prairie du Sac

County: Sauk

Historic Name: Honey Creek Swiss Rural Historic District

Reference Number: 89000484

National or State Registers Record

Roughly Main St. from Sherman Ave. to S. 3rd St.

Community: Fort Atkinson

County: Jefferson

Historic Name: Main Street Historic District

Reference Number: 84003683

Community: Waupaca

County: Waupaca

Historic Name: Lake Street Historic District

Reference Number: 02000599

Community: Menomonie

County: Dunn

Historic Name: Menomonie Downtown Historic District

Reference Number: 86001667

Community: Dayton

County: Waupaca

Historic Name: Rural on the Crystal Historic District

Reference Number: 89000231

Community: Madison

County: Dane

Historic Name: State Street Historic District

Reference Number: 97001582

Community: Cedarburg

County: Ozaukee

Historic Name: Washington Avenue Historic District

Reference Number: 86000218

Community: Janesville

County: Rock

Historic Name: South Main Street Historic District

Reference Number: 90000820

Community: Alma

County: Buffalo

Historic Name: Alma Historic District

Reference Number: 82000631

National or State Registers Record

Address Restricted

Community: Armenia

County: Juneau

Historic Name: Cranberry Creek Archaeological District

Reference Number: 84003689

Community: Madison

County: Dane

Historic Name: West Main Street Historic District

Reference Number: 00000914

Community: Milwaukee

County: Milwaukee

Historic Name: South First and Second Street Historic District

Reference Number: 87002092

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