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National or State Registers Record

East Third Street from Central Avenue to 4th Avenue E

Community: Washburn

County: Bayfield

Historic Name: East Third Street Residential Historic District

Reference Number: 14000430

Community: Oshkosh

County: Winnebago

Historic Name: Oshkosh State Normal School Historic District

Reference Number: 84000722

Community: Burlington

County: Racine

Historic Name: Kane Street Historic District

Reference Number: 14000452

Community: Sparta

County: Monroe

Historic Name: Water Street Commercial Historic District

Reference Number: 92001554

National or State Registers Record

Address Restricted

Community: Blooming Grove

County: Dane

Historic Name: Phlaum--McWilliams Mound Group

Reference Number: 91000666

Community: Viroqua

County: Vernon

Historic Name: Viroqua Downtown Historic District

Reference Number: 03000669

Community: Evansville

County: Rock

Historic Name: Leonard-Leota Park

Reference Number: 12000610

National or State Registers Record

Community: Milton

County: Rock

Historic Name: Merchant Row Historic District

Reference Number: 

National or State Registers Record

Roughly along Portage St from Spring to Parr Sts.

Community: Lodi

County: Columbia

Historic Name: Portage Street Historic District

Reference Number: 00000626

National or State Registers Record

Roughly Main St. between 1st and 3rd Sts.

Community: Trempealeau

County: Trempealeau

Historic Name: Main Street Historic District

Reference Number: 84000763

Community: Middleton

County: Dane

Historic Name: East End Historic District

Reference Number: 03000699

National or State Registers Record

315-340 West Prospect Avenue

Community: Appleton

County: Outagamie

Historic Name: West Prospect Avenue Historic District

Reference Number: 01000900

National or State Registers Record

approximately .33 miles E from Jct. WI 23 and WI 73

Community: Princeton

County: Green Lake

Historic Name: Princeton Downtown Historic District

Reference Number: 97000271

Community: Milwaukee

County: Milwaukee

Historic Name: Prospect Hill Historic District

Reference Number: 05000104

Community: Drummond

County: Bayfield

Historic Name: Lake Owen Archaeological District

Reference Number: 12000333

National or State Registers Record

Address Restricted

Community: Arena

County: Iowa

Historic Name: Sawle Mound Group Archeological District

Reference Number: 91000672

Community: Oregon

County: Dane

Historic Name: South Main Street Historic District

Reference Number: 00000699

Community: Porter

County: Rock

Historic Name: Cooksville Historic District - Boundary increase

Reference Number: 02000090

National or State Registers Record

Address Restricted

Community: Madison

County: Dane

Historic Name: Spring Harbor Mound Group

Reference Number: 91000668

National or State Registers Record

Rock Island State Park

Community: Washington

County: Door

Historic Name: Thordarson Estate Historic District

Reference Number: 85000641

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