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Learn something new about Wisconsin's past and gain a deeper understanding of your world.

A Short History

Learn the history of the Wisconsin Executive Residence.

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View original documents, lesson plans, classroom activities and background essays on key events in Wisconsin history.
Historical Figures in Wisconsin

Read the biographies of Wisconsin's historical figures, from the notable to the notorious.

Wisconsin Civil War Officer

Read about this ardent abolitionist who rose from company captain to brigadier general.

Brief biography of Cyrus Hall McCormick

Read the brief biography of Cyrus Hall McCormick.
Short History of Wisconsin
Collage of historic images.

Take a quick tour through major events in Wisconsin's history, from prehistoric times to the 20th-century.

A Short History of Wisconsin

A Short History of Wisconsin

A Short History of Wisconsin

Learn about the key people and events during Wisconsin's Territorial Era (1787-1848).

A Short History of Wisconsin

Read about immigration and economic growth in 19th-century Wisconsin.

A Short History of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Communities
Historic birds-eye map of LaCrosse.

These short overviews include links to learn more through images, essays, newspapers and historical records.

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