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Learn how to replace wood shingle siding on a historic building.

Find helpful tips for working with contractors on your historic building rehabilitation project.

Learn how to prevent wood rot in a historic building.

General Information

Tax Credits for Historic Homes

Apply for tax credits for historic residences in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation

A grant program to help local governments enhance transportation projects.

For Properties with Burial Sites

Learn the steps to nagivate the application process to get a tax exemption under Wisconsin burial sites law.

Learn how to prepare metal surfaces for painting.

Review the uses of architectural epoxies on wood in a historic building.

General Information

National Trust Preservation Funds

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Grants from the National Trust Preservation Funds encourage preservation at the local level by providing seed money for preservation projects.

Learn the best practices to preserve your original plaster walls and ceilings.

Learn how to repair splits or cracks in wood siding on your historic building.

Have questions about the Homeowner Tax Credit Program? You're not alone. Learn the answers to the most common questions.

This grant provides funding for non-profit organizations benefitting Marathon County, Wisconsin.

Read this information before planning a project inside a cemetery or mound group.

Learn how to maintain the woodwork in your historic house or building.

Learn best practices for repairing, replacing and maintaining exterior materials for a historic building.

Learn best practices to maintain and/or replace the original furnace in your historic house.

Learn about low-interest loan programs and successful projects completed with the aid of these programs.

Learn how to fix a door that sticks or binds in your historic building.

Learn about best practices to preserve and maintain your original wood floors.
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