Historical Essay

Dodge, Trempealeau Co.

Origin of Dodge, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Dodge, Wisconsin.

Teach students to use census population schedules in researching life in Wisconsin communities.

Origin of Dewey's Corners

Discover the history of Dewey's Corners.

Historical Essay


Origin of Glasgow, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Glasgow, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay


Origin of Eleva, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Eleva, Wisconsin.

An Old Man's Tall Tale

Wisconsin pioneer Joseph Crelie was said to be 139 years old when he was exhibited to spectators in 1864. But how old was he really?

Historical Essay

Diamond Hill

Origin of Diamond Hill, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Diamond Hill, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay


Origin of Whitehall, Wisconsin

Discover the history Whitehall, Wisconsin

Historical Essay


Origin of Ettrick, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Ettrick, Wisconsin.

Term: Albion [origin of place name] in the Dictionary of Wisconsin History

Historical Essay

French Creek

Origin of French Creek, Wisconsin

Discover the history of French Creek, Wisconsin.

Brief biography of the Ho-Chunk Indian Family, Glory of the Morning Decorah and her children and grandchildren Spoon, Old, One-Eyed, and Waukon.

The Genesis of Modern Wisconsin

Discovery the history of the Woodland and Middle Mississippean Indian cultures and their relationship to modern Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Civil War Officer

He traveled the world as a young naval officer before helping to lead the 4th Wisconsin Infantry during the Civil War. He died in battle.

Historical Essay

Dooney's Siding

Origin of Dooney's Siding

Discover the history of Dooney's Siding.

Historical Essay

Wright's Corners

Origin of Wright's Corners, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Wright's Corners, Wisconsin

Historical Essay


Origin of Galesville, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Galesville, Wisconsin.

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