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Deep Lake

Date: 1928 

Description: View down slope towards Deep Lake. There is a girl standing in a rowboat at the shoreline. She is holding up her catch of the day. In the background a man...

Wisconsin photographer David Marcou's images of life in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Date: 1930 

Description: View across lawn of long grass towards a log cabin next to the Wisconsin River. An automobile is parked on the left near the porch.

Date: 1990 

Description: MRI technician guides patient into the machine.

Date: 1910-09-14 

Description: William Meuer and friends identified as "the Hansens" picking cranberries on Mason Lake.


Roche a Cri

Date:  ca.

Description: View of a large geological rock formation at the base of a river or lake.

Date: 1986 

Description: Panoramic view of the intersection of County Z and F, looking east from Z. The view shows several rural bars and restaurants.


Bucky the Calf

Date: 1990 

Description: Bucky the Calf makes an appearance at the Adams County Fair.


Mill on a River

Date: 1914 ca.

Description: View of a mill on the bank of a river, and an adjacent dam.

Date: 1855 

Description: This map is ink, pencil, and color on paper and shows property owners, a cemetery, farms, hotels, roads, a dike and on the back are additional notes. Notes...


Robert Lindner Home

Date: 1908 ca.

Description: Exterior of the Robert Lindner home.

Date: 1987 

Description: Panoramic view of the intersection of county highways Z (15th Avenue) and D in rural Adams County, looking east and south to a bar at the corner.


Olin Cabins

Date: 1935 ca.

Description: View from Highway 13 of Olin Cabins, with a car in driveway.


School Children

Date: 1907 ca.

Description: Exterior view of large group of children posed in front of their school.


Matthew A. Marcou

Date: 1990-09-23 

Description: Matthew A. Marcou, son of the photographer, in his best outfit on his 3rd birthday.

Date: 1990 

Description: County farm extension agent talks with Potato World employees.


Rural Bridge

Date: 1985-05-02 

Description: Bridge over Duck Creek in the Town of Adams, Adams County, Wisconsin.

Date:  date unknown

Description: View from across road of the Adams and Friendship High School on Main Street.


Adams County Fair

Date: 1990 

Description: A male teen poses with a prize sheep at the Adams County Fair.

Date: 1930 

Description: View of resort cottages near a lake. A group of vacationers are sitting on the lawn and porch. A birdhouse on a tall post is among trees on the right. Hill...

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