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O'Konski and Obey

Date: 1974-08-10 

Description: Wisconsin congressmen David Obey (left) and former congressman Alvin O'Konsi breaking ground for a United States Forest Services genetics lab. After the ce...


Cranberry Harvest

Date: 1983-10 

Description: Men harvesting cranberries on flooded marshes with rakes.


Description: Page from Sue Ann Hackett Blue Album displaying several scenes from canoe trip. Includes photographs of campers at a campfire with a tent in the background...

Date: 1905 ca.

Description: View of Brown Street looking north.


Description: Exterior view of Adirondack Lean-to with several campers gathered around the stone fireplace. Some of the campers are holding or carrying an axe, a pocket...

Historical Object

Joy Camps Scenes


Description: Page from Sue Ann Hackett Blue Album displaying several scenes. Includes photographs of a girl near a bridge with rapids, campers canoeing, a lineup of som...

Date: 1916 

Description: View of the town from a boxcar.


Description: A camp counselor, seated in an Adirondack chair, wearing a white shirt, dark shorts, and saddle shoes, reads to four young campers who are gathered around...


Lake Tomahawk

Date: 1955 ca.

Description: The shore of Lake Tomahawk

Date: 1897 before

Description: Lumbertown Street (Now Highway 47). There are horse-drawn carts and a car. Sailors burned down Lumbertown in 1897. It was later built up as a resort town....

Date: 1920 ca.

Description: A street scene from Three Lakes, WIsconsin.

Historical Object

Joy Camps Postcards


Description: Page from Sue Ann Hackett Blue Album displaying four Joy Camps postcards of different colors with different scenes depicted on each. Each postcard reads, "...

Date: 1921 ca.

Description: A boy parades past the Oneida County courthouse with a sign that reads, "Others Quickly Followed."

Date: 1935 

Description: Wisconsin Conservation Department fish hatchery near Woodruff.

Date: 1900 ca.

Description: Lake Shore Lumber Company of Oshkosh's mill waste lumber slab dump. Leander Choate, owner of mill, used this marsh for his waste lumber which was piled at...

Date: 1913 ca.

Description: Exterior view of a congregational church.


River Drivers

Date: 1895 ca.

Description: Crew of river drivers moving logs off of rocks below a dam probably on the Wisconsin River.

Date: 1939 

Description: A large model of a train for students to play with in a kindergarten classroom.

Date:  date unknown

Description: Store includes a Post Office, owned by Cyrus Yawkey. Men, child, and two dogs are on the porch.


Description: Interior view of library in Main Lodge. Two campers are seated at a table reading; another camper is browsing the shelves. Original caption notes: "In 1937...

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