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Date: 1944 ca.

Description: Aerial view of the U.S. Rubber Company plant and surrounding environment.

Date: 1947 

Description: Curving stairway to the entrance of the courthouse.


Barstow Bridge

Date:  date unknown

Description: View of the bridge and brick building. "The New Barstow Street Bridge, Eau Claire, Wis. Fred H. Gadsby Pub."


Carson Park, Road

Date:  date unknown

Description: View of a road through park, leading to a river, and across a bridge.

Date: 1930 ca.

Description: Front view of the Normal School.

Date: 1880 ca.

Description: The Eau Claire Lumber Company, later the Cutter shoe factory. It was still standing in 1931.

Date: 1875 ca.

Description: Stereograph of the courthouse before remodeling during the spring or summer.

Date: 1903 ca.

Description: Portions of columns awaiting installation are stacked near a wooden open-sided building during the construction of the Eau Claire Public Library at Farwell...


First Gillette Tire

Date: 1917-05-23 

Description: A group of men, women and children are standing and watching as a Gillette employee works on the first tire produced by the Gillette Rubber Company. From l...

Date: 1903 ca.

Description: View from street toward the partially completed construction of the Eau Claire Public Library at Farwell Street and Grand Avenue. A man is standing and wat...

Date:  date unknown

Description: View of the "mount" and the wide river before it and behind it. Houses and smokestacks can be seen in the far distance.

Date: 1880 

Description: Bird's-eye view of Eau Claire.


Description: Interior view of the Eau Claire Public Library. Reverse of the photograph reads: "Carnegie bldg, 1904, Cost $40,000, Patton + Miller, Chicago, arch." In th...

Date:  date unknown

Description: Exterior view of the Eau Claire Public Library.


Tire Molds

Date:  date unknown

Description: Interior view of a Uniroyal factory showing tire molds alongside a conveyor belt.

Date: 1884 

Description: Stereograph of three-story brick building on a dirt road.

Photographs of Public Libraries in Wisconsin

Learn about how the Wisconsin Free Library Commission helped to establish and improve free public libraries in Wisconsin.

Date: 1944-10-21 

Description: The first tire to be cured in the Gillette Tire Plant is removed from the mold. From left to right are F.B. Davis Jr. (Chairman of the United States Rubber...

Date: 1946 ca.

Description: Paul Bunyan Logging Camp Museum.

Date:  ca.

Description: Aerial view of the plant, with railroad tracks along both sides of the property. A river is visible on the left hand side of the image. Several cars are...

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