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At the Dells

Date: 1911 

Description: Photographic postcard of a group of people gathered at the shoreline of a lake. One group is launching a boat near the shore. Another group is in a small b...


Tire Builder

Date: 1954-04-20 

Description: A tire builder at work.

Date:  ca.

Description: Aerial view of the plant, with railroad tracks along both sides of the property. A river is visible on the left hand side of the image. Several cars are...

Date:  date unknown

Description: A group of women work at machines making tires. Men are in the background on the right working on other machines.

Date: 1930 after

Description: The Senior High School in Eau Claire, Wis.

Date: 1910 ca.

Description: Buildings in Meggett Square and on Barlow Street.

Date: 1929 

Description: Bartlett's Cabin Camp on Highways 10 &12 near Eau Claire.

Date: 1947 

Description: Employees at the United Rubber Company plant in Eau Claire load wrapped tires onto a truck for shipment.


Description: Exterior view of the Eau Claire Public Library. Copy of artist's rendering done in watercolor. The library opened in 1904 and was funded by a $40,000 donat...

Date: 1903 ca.

Description: Two workers on one of the upper floors of the Eau Claire Public Library during its construction. The frames of the arched windows are in the background. Th...

Date: 1900 ca.

Description: View up the Eau Claire River from the Dewey Street Bridge. The view shows the dam and linen mill and the site of the lower sawmill (called the "steam mill"...

Date: 1880 ca.

Description: The Eau Claire Lumber Company, later the Cutter shoe factory. It was still standing in 1931.


Street Scene

Date: 1929 

Description: View down street. Shops and cars are on both sides of the street. A storefront on the left advertises a "BANKRUPT-SALE." The road is cobblestone.

Date: 1907 ca.

Description: Eau Claire High School.

Date: 1875 ca.

Description: Stereograph of the courthouse before remodeling during the spring or summer.

Date: 1861 ca.

Description: Sixth plate ferrotype/tintype of Burnett Demarest, a First Lieutenant in the Wisconsin 8th infantry, Co. C. Demarest mustered into service in 1861 at Eau C...


Methodist Church

Date: 1870 ca.

Description: Methodist church on Barstow Street, built during the 1860's.

Date: 1906 

Description: Portion of title: Eau Claire River, Wisconsin. Relief shown by contours and spot heights. Contour interval on land 5 feet. Contour interval on river surfac...

Date: 1866 after

Description: View from shoreline of the steamship "Chippewa," built by Captain E.E. Heerman at La Crosse in 1866. Used mainly between Eau Claire and Read's Landing, Min...

Date: 1980 ca.

Description: Exterior of the Eau Claire Holiday Inn.

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