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Date: 1953 ca.

Description: View of the Sturgeon Bay Canal Lighthouse with a group of boaters in the foreground.

Date: 1929-07 

Description: View of a farm taken from a field. Barn, farmhouse, and a windmill are visible behind trees, perhaps an orchard.


Mud Lake

Date: 1930 ca.

Description: Aerial view, looking northeast, across Mud Lake with North Bay in the background, showing cultivated fields and wooded land.


Family on the Dock

Date: 1908 ca.

Description: The photographer's family poses on the dock beside the ship "Sailor Boy" of Sturgeon Bay. Clothilde Hotz holds the hand of Ferdinand Leonard (Fedy); daught...

Date: 1920 ca.

Description: An unidentified man poses near a wrecked boat. A log house with two lean-to additions is behind him and there is a smaller log building on the left. Snow c...

Date: 1925 ca.

Description: A group of men and women sit and recline on the hill beside the Hotz cottage.

Date: 1905 ca.

Description: Elevated winter scene with Sylvester Dankoler (b. 1895) standing on ice and mounds of snow near a broken pier along a shoreline. The shadow of the photogra...


Log Cabin

Date: 1914 

Description: Log cabin known as the "haunted house" on Rock Island, remodeled by Chester Thordarson. There are three people sitting on the porch.

Date: 1924-02 

Description: Winter scene with a team of horses standing harnessed to an enclosed bobsled on snow- and ice-covered Ephraim Bay.


Women at Toft Point

Date: 1942 

Description: The photographer's daughter, Helen Hotz Schmid, left, and granddaughter, Margaret Schmid, right, pose at water's edge with Nenn Steck Hotz at Toft Point ne...

Date: 1915 ca.

Description: The photographer's son, Ferdinand Leonard (Fedy) Hotz winds film in a camera in front of the farmhouse of artist Albert Zahn (1864-1953), also known as the...


Hemlock Logging

Date: 1928-01 

Description: A man sits on a load of logs on a sled while driving a team of two horses through the woods.


Cabin in the Woods

Date: 1964-08-22 ca.

Description: A close view of Jack Myers' log cabin on Washington Island. The cabin is surrounded by thick woods.


Europe Bay

Date: 1930 ca.

Description: Aerial view looking north across the wooded peninsula separating Europe Bay (top) from Newport Bay. This area is now part of Newport State Park.


Sawing Logs

Date: 1928-01 

Description: Two men use a crosscut saw to cut a hemlock log while a third watches. A splitting maul and a splitting wedge rest on a tree stump in the foreground. Smoke...


Road in Winter

Date: 1924 

Description: Winter scene with a snow-covered road bordered by stone walls and pillars on Cottage Row Road. Birches and evergreens line the road.

Date: 1964-10-18 ca.

Description: Three outbuildings and a large tree near a country home owned by Mrs. Kay Curtis on Washington Island.


Egg Harbor Pier

Date: 1963-04-17 

Description: Egg Harbor pier. The shoreline and trees are on the right. There is a cottage area along the shoreline along with a small beach.

Date: 1898-07-09 

Description: Syl, with long curly hair and wearing an undershirt, sits on a chair near a floor lamp with fringed lampshade. There is a small, framed painting hanging on...


Cemetery Monument

Date: 1964-08-22 

Description: The Hansen monument in a Washington Island cemetery. The monument is surrounded by a cluster of Tiger Lillies which are no longer blooming.

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