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Date: 1941 

Description: Men unload trucks at the Railway Express Agency terminal at 11th Avenue and 42nd Street. The original caption reads: "Railway Express Agency terminal at 11...


Veterans Day Parade

Date: 1991 

Description: Members of the Clarence Fitch Chapter of Vietnam Veterans Against the War, marching in a Veterans' Day event, probably in New York City.

Date: 1969 ca.

Description: Close-up of a red flag on a pole in front of a yellow tarp.

Date: 1953-05 ca.

Description: Cedric Belfrage (facing the camera and wearing a tie) talks to the staff of the "National Guardian" about his appearance before the McCarthy Committee at w...

Date:  date unknown

Description: A portrait of four Lithuanian women in costumes for the World's Fair in 1939.

Date: 1924-06-11 

Description: International Model "63" truck operated by Morea Bros. of Bronx, New York. There is a man in the driver's seat, and the truck is on a cobblestone street w...


Man Operating Crane

Date: 1969 ca.

Description: Construction worker inside a cab operating a crane.


Radical Editor

Date: 1978-10-23 

Description: Jack A. Smith, managing editor of the "Guardian", a weekly radical newspaper. Smith's admiration for Chinese communism is suggested by the decorations on h...


Window Covering

Date: 1969 ca.

Description: A window is covered with tape, and probably soap, to obscure its view.

Date: 1926-04-13 

Description: International Model 63 truck operated by the Sunrise Storage Company-"Movers, Packers, Shippers."

Date: 1926-07-19 

Description: Men load cut firewood from a large pile onto the back of an International Model S truck used by the Benj. E. Weeks Firewood Company.

Date: 1915-10-27 

Description: Four impoverished men hired by "The Medical Review of Reviews" carry signs with the eugenics slogans, "I am a burden to myself and the State. Should I be a...

Date: 1958-03-18 

Description: Formal quarter-length studio portrait of Karl Paul Gerhardt Link with his pipe. He was a Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin and helpe...

Date: 1969 ca.

Description: A shadow of the photographer, Richard Quinney, is visible on the street near the construction site. On the curb are cement blocks and sawhorses.

Date: 1969 ca.

Description: View of the top of a crane at the World Trade Center construction site. In the background is a skyscraper.

Date: 1976 

Description: Political poster urging citizens to "Demonstrate No Confidence" in neither the Democrats nor the Republicans. The poster has a cartoon of the Republican el...

Date: 1918-01 

Description: Mrs. William Bartlett of the Aviation Committee of the National Special Aid Society, examines metal objects donated by members to be sold to benefit Americ...

Date: 2001-09 

Description: Former President Bill Clinton, in the hard hat on the right, with Wisconsin Congressman David Obey (left) and Florida Congressman Bill Young, the Republica...


Lindbergh Returns

Date: 1927-06-13 

Description: Charles Lindbergh on board ship in New York Harbor. After flying to France in the "Spirit of St. Louis," Lindbergh returned to the United States by ship. H...

Date: 1945 

Description: An International tractor pulls a parade float down a commercial street lined with spectators. The float celebrates International Harvester's war production...

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