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Summer 2017 Issue, Volume 100, Number 4

Explore the contents of the Centennial Celebration Issue of the Wisconsin Magazine of History.

Date: 1936-10-07 

Description: Dyers Shoe Store, at 109 State Street, with a display window featuring men's shoes, and the words: "Comfortable shoes satisfy all parties," and "Give your...

Date: 1936-11-17 

Description: Madison Theatre, 111 Monona Avenue. (Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard). View from the stage of seats on main floor and the balcony, in the Art Deco style.

Date: 1936-12-19 

Description: View across street towards a three-story house on Bernard Court. The address on the door reads "202," and a sled is leaning up against the wall near the fr...

Date: 1937-03-16 

Description: Davis and O'Connell men's clothing store windows, 114 State Street.

Date: 1937-03-10 

Description: Miller's Hatchery, 2620 E. Washington Avenue, featuring Mother Miller's Chicks.

Date: 1937-06-02 

Description: McCoy's Ice Cream Parlor, 507 State Street, showing the soda fountain and bar, taken from the front door.


Stamm House

Date: 1937-06-24 

Description: Alf and Erdine Stamm house, 3407 Crestwood Drive, Shorewood Hills.

Date: 1937-08-11 

Description: C.H. Halperin, 209 S. Park Street, auto supply store interior.


Silo near Barn

Date: 1937-10-12 

Description: View of dome roof silo with a small door at the top open, built by Madison Silo Co., 3222 Atwood Avenue, standing next to a barn.

Date: 1939-10-19 

Description: Looking east on University Avenue from the intersection with Grand Avenue, with the rear view of an automobile in the foreground. On the right is Samuel Fi...

Date: 1939-11-24 

Description: Gustave A. Larson storefront, 205 E. Main Street. Wholesale refrigeration parts and Texeco Capella Oil.


Rock Crusher

Date: 1940-06-18 

Description: Truck-pulled rock crusher manufactured by Wisconsin Foundry & Machine Company, 623 East Main Street. Left rear view of the unit parked along railroad track...

Date: 1942-03-06 

Description: Interior view of Orpheum Theatre aisle 2, looking towards the seats.

Date: 1942 

Description: Counter display of Dr. West's Miracle Tuft toothbrushes at Rennebohm's store at 204 State Street.

Date: 1943-02-04 

Description: Six Chevrolet automobiles (possibly taxis) and 10 drivers holding pledge cards outside the side entrance to Friede Storage Garage (previously known as Purc...

Date: 1943-06-22 

Description: Elevated view of the top of an Oscar Mayer refrigerated railroad car, Chicago & Northwestern #URTX 5365 with a view of the Oscar Mayer rail yards. There is...

Date: 1943-10-15 

Description: Oscar Mayer Company cafeteria, showing workers standing in a food line.

Date: 1943-11-26 

Description: Christmas decorations in Manchester's Department Store.

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