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Don’t miss the DNA genealogy workshop with the Wisconsin Historical Society on Saturday, September 17 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.


On Sunday August 28th, a variety of artisans and craftspeople from across the Midwest will display and sell their wares at Wade House.

Professor, Chemist, Author

Discover the history of Fritz Wilhelm Woll

Historical Essay

Cyrus Woodman (1814 - 1889)

Lawyer, Land agent, Banker, Lumberman

Discover the history of Cyrus Woodman

African-American Journalist

Discover the history of Mattiebelle Woods


Plane Missing Wings

Date: 1919-02-01 ca.

Description: Wingless airplane sitting outdoors. Captioned: "A Nieuport at a repair depot."

Date: 1919-02-01 ca.

Description: Slightly elevated view of seven men helping to push a 155mm cannon up a hill while trying to get it unstuck. Captioned: "A '155' (6-inch) stuck in the mud...

Date: 1919-02-01 

Description: Elevated view of two men sleeping on top of an ambulance during the day. Captioned: "Faith and Benny, both in aviation now, asleep on top of the latter's a...

Date: 1919-02-01 ca.

Description: Men gathering for work at Ferme De Piemont. Captioned: "Taken at Ferme De Piemont (in the Champagne) to work the Bull Durham people for the 'makins.'"

Date: 1917 

Description: An engineer wearing eyeglasses is kneeling on the ground and working on a transmission while smoking a pipe. Captioned: "Ed Rehm, University of Illinois, s...

Part-time, Wisconsin Historical Society

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Date: 1919-02-01 ca.

Description: Two ambulances parked near a building. Captioned: "My ambulance contrasted with a French one."


Cormicy Church

Date: 1919-02-01 ca.

Description: Ruins of a French Church. Captioned: "The interior of the Cormicy Church — if there can be an interior to a building without a roof."

Date: 1980 ca.

Description: University of Wisconsin professor of plant pathology and forestry Eugene B. Smalley (1926-2002), right, watches as Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, shovel...


Slippery Elm

Date: 1965-04 

Description: A spreading specimen of Ulmus rubra dwarfs a small house in the background. This tree, with a trunk circumference of 16 feet 5 inches, was the subje...

Date: 1968 

Description: A towering specimen of Ulmus americana standing along the river in the Menomonee River Parkway. There are large blocks of ice on the shore. This tre...


Treaty Elm

Date: 1900 ca.

Description: A giant specimen of Ulmus americana, captioned "Old Council Tree," standing along the Fox river. Houses are along the far shoreline; a wooden fence...


American Elm

Date: 1960 ca.

Description: An elm growing on the property of C.H. Weller, on West Highland Street, towers over the adjacent houses. In 1952, the circumference of the tree's trunk was...


Taliesin Elm

Date: 1982-02 

Description: A large American elm, Ulmus americana, standing amid the snow covered stubble in a cornfield. Taliesin, the home of architect Frank Lloyd Wright, is...

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