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8810 County Highway N

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Historic Name: Stone, Ben and Margaret, Boathouse

Reference Number: 08000017


Location (Address): 8810 County Highway N

County: Vilas


Township: Plum Lake


Ben and Margaret Stone Boathouse
8810 County Road N, Town of Plum Lake, Vilas County
Date of construction: 1928

In 1928, Ben and Margaret Stone, of Tripoli, Wisconsin, constructed a two-slip, wet boathouse on the south bank of Plum Lake. The Stone Boathouse stands out when compared to the approximately 20 other boathouses on Plum Lake, which are typically one-story and more vernacular in design. Even though boathouses are largely utilitarian in design, elements of the Craftsman, Rustic, and Queen Anne styles are seen incorporated into boathouse design in Northern Wisconsin. The Stone Boathouse displays elements of the Craftsman style in the broad hip roof, exposed rafters, clapboard exterior, and multi-light casement windows. It is one of the best intact examples of a two-story wet boathouse on Plum Lake.

Boathouses are a resource uniquely tied to the resorts and summer homes of Vilas County. Just as garages were built to house automobiles, boathouses were constructed to protect boats from the elements. Wet boathouses in northern Wisconsin are typically one- or two-story frame buildings with hip or front gable roofs. The buildings are located over water and typically rest on a foundation of wood pilings. The interior of the first level, where the boats are docked, is often unfinished with exposed wall framing. The second level is often a living space and typically includes bands of windows providing views of the lake. In the Stone Boathouse, an elevated walkway and exterior staircase provide access to an upstairs open recreational room.

This house is private property. Please respect the privacy of the owners.


Period of Significance: 1928

Area of Significance: Architecture

Applicable Criteria: Architecture/Engineering

Historic Use: Domestic: Camp

Architectural Style: Late 19th And Early 20th Century American Movements

Resource Type: Building

Architect: unknown


Historic Status: Listed in the National Register

Historic Status: Listed in the State Register

National Historic Landmark Listing Date:

National Register Listing Date: 2008-02-07

State Register Listing Date: 2007-04-27


Number of Contributing Buildings: 1

Number of Contributing Sites: 0

Number of Contributing Structures: 0

Number of Contributing Objects: 0

Number of Non-Contributing Buildings: 0

Number of Non-Contributing Sites: 0

Number of Non-Contributing Structures: 0

Number of Non-Contributing Objects: 0


National Register and State Register of Historic Places, Division of Historic Preservation-Public History, Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison, Wisconsin

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