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Historic Name: William Zachow Farmstead

Other Name: Alchemy Fields


Reference Number: 25947


Location (Address): 9533 STATE HIGHWAY 57

County: Door


Township/Village: Liberty Grove

Unincorporated Community: 

Town: 31

Range: 28

Direction: E

Section: 30

Quarter Section: SE

Quarter/Quarter Section: NE


Year Built: 1896

Additions: 1910

Survey Date:1995

Survey Date:2012

Historic Use: house

Architectural Style: Front Gabled

Property Type: Building

Structural System: Log

Wall Material: Stovewood


Other Buildings On Site: 

Demolished?: No

Demolished Date: 


National/State Register Listing Name:  WILLIAM ZACHOW FARMSTEAD

National Register Listing Date: 1997-01-09

State Register Listing Date: 1989-01-01

National Register Multiple Property Name: 


Additional Information: A 'site file' exists for this property. It contains additional information such as correspondence, newspaper clippings, or historical information. It is a public record and may be viewed in person at the State Historical Society, Division of Historic Preservation. LOG MAIN SECTION AND STOVEWOOD KITCHEN WING. COVERED IN WOOD SHINGLES.

2012- "The William Zachow Farm consists of six structures: a one and one-half story farmhouse which incorporates an 18961og
building and a circa 1910 stovewood addition; a pump house; a large hay barn; two open sheds; and a modern utility

The historic boundary coincides with the legal tax parcel and encompasses approximately five acres. Included within the
historic boundary is the dry-laid fieldstone wall along STH 57.- "STH 57, CTH Q-STH 42", WisDOT ID #4150-17-00", Prepared by GLARC, Inc (2012).

Bibliographic References: GREEN BAY PRESS GAZETTE "DOOR CO. FARMHOUSE GETS SLICK DISPLAY" (10/11/87). "THE FARMHOUSE" (NY: BANTAM 1987). Sturgeon Bay Door County Advocate 7/8/1997.


Wisconsin Architecture and History Inventory, Division of Historic Preservation-Public History, Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison, Wisconsin

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