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Historical Essay

Serbians in Wisconsin

Brief history of Serbians in Wisconsin.

French Fur Trader

Learn about one of the first French fur traders to visit Wisconsin. Read about his experiences with Indian tribes and his exploration of the countryside.

Brief history of Christian Science in Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Early U.S. Settlement

Military Outposts in Wisconsin

Read how American forts were established and settlement increased in Wisconsin after the War of 1812.

Chief of the Sauk Indians

Biography of Indian war chief Black Hawk

Brief history of the United Brethrens in Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Cornish in Wisconsin

Brief history of the Cornish in Wisconsin.

Brief history of the Milwaukee and Rock River Canal.

Historical Essay

Petersylvania, Wisconsin

A Bizarre Story of Land Prospecting Gone Awry

Read the amazing story of a man who watched his potential 10,000-square-mile northern Wisconsin empire disappear into thin air.

Brief history of the fishing industry in Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Shotz Brewery Costume

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Shotz Brewery smock used in Laverne and Shirley television series, 1976-1980. (Museum object #2006.38.1)

Historical Essay

How Madison Became a City

Madison went from a small village in 1836 to being organized and governed as a city in 20 years time

Read about the creation and early success of the famous Ringling Brothers circus founded in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

Classroom Material

What to Know About Polio

Limping Through Life: A Farm Boy's Polio Memoir

Useful facts about polio and post-polio syndrome

Discover historical details and explore our online collections related to West Bend, Wisconsin.

Brief history of the Democratic party in the state of Wisconsin.

A Wisconsin Civil War Story

On February 12, 1863, Captain Rufus R. Dawes of the 6th Wisconsin Infantry offers a group of slaves in Virginia the choice of freedom

Historical Essay

Paper Industry in Wisconsin

Brief history of the paper industry in Wisconsin.

Circus Performer

Biography of Circus Performer Frederick W. Shadick.

Discover historical details and explore our online collections related to Monroe, Wisconsin.
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