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Date: 1898 ca.

Description: View across yard towards a man sitting in a chair, with two woman standing on the left and right. The two women are wearing black dresses with white bows t...


Brass Band

Date: 1895 ca.

Description: Brass band musicians in uniform pose with their instruments.

Date: 1893 ca.

Description: Studio portrait of elderly woman in black dress with large bow at neck, seated in chair with hands crossed in her lap in front of a painted backdrop. She w...

Date: 1890 ca.

Description: Studio portrait in front of a painted backdrop of a Ho-Chunk boy posing standing on the left, wearing a winter coat, German silver earrings, and a bandana...

Date: 1892-08-17 ca.

Description: Elevated view of a crowd gathered at the intersection of First and Main Streets to watch a bandwagon and animal cage pass in a circus parade. Probably the...

Date: 1891 ca.

Description: Head and shoulders portrait from right side, with head turned partially forward but not looking directly at viewer. She has long hair gathered at neck and...

Date: 1880 ca.

Description: Studio portrait in front of a painted backdrop of a Ho-Chunk woman posing standing on the left wearing rings and file bracelets, and wrapped in a plaid sha...

Date: 1885 ca.

Description: Full-length studio portrait of a Ho-Chunk girl posing standing in front of a painted backdrop. She has her left hand resting on an overstuffed tasseled cha...

Date: 1898 ca.

Description: Old, bearded man and younger woman sitting in front of the corner of a wood outbuilding surrounded by four young children. A young boy is standing at his m...

Date: 1894-05-10 ca.

Description: A sign displaying the catch of trout by E. Krohn and T. Van Schaick.

Date: 1880 before

Description: View across water towards what is identified as the second railroad bridge at Black River Falls. Note the wood trestle on the right.

Date: 1894 ca.

Description: Young woman in residential area, standing in a yard pushing a baby carriage with a ruffled top. On the left are houses, and in the far background a group o...

Date: 1897 ca.

Description: Studio portrait of various bouquet wreaths in several shapes, including a cross and anchor, in front of a painted backdrop.

Date: 1899 ca.

Description: Group of people posing around an organ. A young woman in a white dress is sitting at the organ, facing left, with an older man behind her on the right. On...

Date: 1892 ca.

Description: Studio portrait of two women wearing white pointed hats and long, white dresses with fluffy collars, and broad white belts. They stand their backs to the c...

Date: 1895 ca.

Description: Posed portrait of a young couple outdoors in a field. The man is seated, the woman is standing beside him, with a wooden fence in the background.

Date: 1887 ca.

Description: Quarter-length studio portrait of a woman in Ho-Chunk regalia wrapped in a blanket, with a child on her back. The child is wearing a fur hat, and they are...

Date: 1882 ca.

Description: Full-length studio portrait of Annie Blowsnake Thundercloud (WaConChaSkaWinKah), posing standing in front of a painted backdrop. She is wearing many neckla...

Date: 1890 ca.

Description: Full-length studio portrait in front of a painted backdrop of two Ho-Chunk men posing standing and wearing hats . The man on the left, John Stacy (ChoNeKay...

Date: 1892 ca.

Description: A man posing with an ax and chopping block is standing outside the door of a log cabin during the winter. The man has been identified as James B.F. Server,...

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