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Date: 1978-02 

Description: "Brenda Widmer teaches her beginning Sunday School pupils at St. Peter's Church. They are: l-r. Kim Neitzel, Kim Krueger, Jimmy Wendling, Brenda Bernhard,...

Date: 1942-08-15 

Description: A man smoking a cigar and wearing a hat stands between two women wearing bonnets and matching dresses with signs around their necks that read "My Heart Bee...

Date: 1965 ca.

Description: Two men and a woman stand outside the entrance to the Clay County Courthouse. To the right of the doorway is a sign that reads "Fallout Shelter." The capti...

Date: 1959 

Description: Pencil, ink, gouache, and watercolor design for a white evening gown with ties on the shoulder for Joan Blackman in "Career" (Paramount 1959).

Date: 1970 ca.

Description: Grove Press International Film Festival film poster for the French-Hungarian film, "Sirokk√≥." Illustrated image of a group of people walking through woods....

Date: 1943 

Description: United States Army poster with an illustration of four women posing in front of a U.S. flag. The women are wearing Army identification badges on their shir...

Date: 1948-01-10 

Description: A woman in a laboratory coat working in a laboratory. (Possibily Jane Fred?).

Date: 1927-10 

Description: A woman mixing food in a pot heated on an electric plate.

Date: 1990-09 

Description: Louise Wiseman performs at talent show dressed in lace lingerie. The stage is decorated with pumpkins and cornstalks.

Date:  date unknown

Description: Full-length studio portrait in front of a painted backdrop of a woman.

Date:  date unknown

Description: Full-length studio portrait of three women sitting in front of a painted backdrop. Each woman is wearing an elaborate hat and a necklace. The woman sitting...

Date: 1949-05-05 ca.

Description: Several days before the Berlin Blockade was to be lifted, Russian authorities permitted this West Berlin couple to purchase potatoes in the eastern sector....

Date: 1920-09-01 

Description: Leonore Middleton sitting at a counter eating a slice of melon. She is wearing a hat with an artificial flower in the front. A sign behind the counter adv...


Description: Interior of the refectory at the oldest house in St. Augustine. On the right is a woman wearing a necklace of large, dark beads praying on a prie dieu (Fre...


Ladies at Tea

Date: 1925 

Description: Group of ladies at an outdoor tea during "homecoming." Behind the woman on the left is a large spinning wheel. An American Flag is standing on the lawn in...



Date: 1950 ca.

Description: A woman poses her kitchen with all of the modern conveniences.

Date: 1976 

Description: View across front passenger seat, which is swiveled to the side, of two women sitting in the middle passenger seats of a Scout. Between them is a cooler fi...

Date: 1961-10-31 

Description: Anh Le Vuong weeps into her handkerchief during her wedding to Tien Vinh Le in Binh Hung, Vietnam. Another women is standing in the foreground on the left.


Alma Seipp

Date: 1899 

Description: A standing, three-quarter length portrait of Alma Seipp wearing a graduation cap and gown posed in front of a painted backdrop. She has her hand on her hip...

Date: 1912 

Description: The facade of Ludden's Big White Store. The building features two bay windows, two stories, and two large display windows. The window displays umbrellas, d...

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