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Date: 1949-06-14 

Description: Some members of the LOFT executive council making plans for their summer program. From left are Charlene Schaefer, Dick Brilliott, Dave Matson, and Ruth Le...

Date: 1952-04-12 

Description: Group portrait of four Richland Center high school boys who won the 880 yard relay race which helped their team win the Class B team title at the Madison W...


Description: Mosaic in the north lobby of the Wisconsin Historical Society. This is the printer's mark of the Elzivirs printers in Amsterdam, 1620.

Date: 1952-12-06 

Description: University of Wisconsin band members and Alumni Association workers stuff letters addressed to Badger alumni asking them to help send the band to the Rose...

Date: 1956-11-06 

Description: Eunice Quinn poses with her button collection and trophies.

Date: 1948-07-31 

Description: Governor Oscar Rennebohm, center, at the WKOW studio with Michael Hine, WKOW director of news, at left, and L.L. Oeland, Madison realtor, at right. The pho...

Date: 1947-09-20 

Description: James L. Clark, Madison city health inspector, shown pointing to a map of Madison marked with X's signifying places with rat infestation.

Date: 1947-09-20 

Description: Three women in formal wear at the Hotel Loraine viewing floral arrangements set in a background of crocheted tablecloths, quilts, and embroidered cloths wh...

Date: ????-07-31 

Description: The complete staff at Hi-Lo Market, 2038 Jenifer Street, worked hard to help make "steals" for the customers at the grocery store.


The State Bank

Date: 1852 

Description: External view of the State Bank, the first bank in Madison. A group of men are posed along the sidewalk in front.

Date: 1944-12-27 

Description: Left to right: Rufus Wells, associated with Roundy's Fun Fund; Dr. L.E. Holmgren, president of the Dane County unit of the WAD (Wisconsin Association for t...


Everett House

Date: 1935-07-29 

Description: Eldon Everett house, 425 Toepfer Street. Westmorland.


Kroger Store

Date: 1954-12-30 

Description: Displays of fruits and vegetables in the produce section of the Madison East Kroger grocery store at 2829 East Washington Avenue.


Main Street

Date:  date unknown

Description: View down street of intersection at Main Street. The commercial street houses a bank, printing press, clothing shop, and hotel. A man makes repairs from a...

Date: 1954-09-01 

Description: Group portrait of the 1954 University of Wisconsin football team.


Memorial Union

Date: 1927 ca.

Description: View of Memorial Union on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus from across Langdon Street.

Date: 1954-07-13 

Description: Perched on Number 1 tee awaiting the assignment of their duties are four of the teenage girls who will serve as pages at the 42nd annual state tournament o...

Date: 1944-11-10 

Description: Group portrait of the Wisconsin Council of Agriculture, including twenty-six men.

Date: 1954-11-20 

Description: Clarence (Clary) Bratt, a University of Wisconsin football player, with one of his record-breaking four pass interceptions in a game against the University...

Book or Pamphlet

Farwell's Madison Mills

Date: 1851 

Description: Engraving of the five-story tall mill erected at the outlet of the Yahara Creek by Leonard J. Farwell. This engraving appears in Statistics of Dane County,...

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