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Date: 1920 ca.

Description: Studio portrait of two Ho-Chunk men posed sitting in chairs in front of a painted backdrop. Sam Thunderking Lowe (HoChumpHoNoNikKah), seated on the left, a...

Date: 1911 ca.

Description: Studio portrait in front of a painted backdrop of two Ho-Chunk men posed sitting wearing suits, bow ties, and hats. Andrew John (Big) Blackhawk (WaConChaHo...

Date: 1903 ca.

Description: Studio portrait of Frank Browneagle (HeWaKaKayReKah), a Ho-Chunk man, and Annie Snake (KhaWinKeeSinchHayWinKah) posed in front of a painted backdrop. On th...

Date: 1908 

Description: A cattail mat–covered wigwam (ciiporoke) and a small teepee were set up in a mock Ho-Chunk village for the 1908 homecoming celebration.

Date: 1905 ca.

Description: Studio portrait of Ho-Chunk woman, Mabel White Blackhawk St. Cyr sitting in front of a painted backdrop with her left arm resting on a silk applique blanke...

Date: 1916 ca.

Description: Studio portrait of a Ho-Chunk boy standing, wearing short trousers, shirt, and tie, and a girl in a lace dress, trying to hold still for their photograph i...

Date: 1908 before

Description: View from wood sidewalk towards a marching band parading up Main Street during a patriotic celebration. There is a banner that reads: "Welcome" in the back...

Date: 1900 ca.

Description: Winter scene with a man and woman sitting in a cutter sleigh pulled by a two-horse team, possibly driven by Harvey Risliands.

Date: 1902 ca.

Description: Boys walking in a Memorial Day parade, in front of the Women's Relief Corps with umbrellas.


Indian Petroglyphs

Date: 1960 ca.

Description: Norb Bybee shoots a self-portrait with his camera of petroglyphs that are carved in the face of a rock shelter near Gullikson's Glen.

Date: 1930 ca.

Description: Studio portrait in front of a painted backdrop of a Ho-Chunk woman posed sitting and wearing a dark coat with a fur-lined collar, gloves, cloche hat, and p...

Date: 1911 ca.

Description: Elevated view, black and white, panoramic photograph. Business district visible as cluster of larger brick buildings at left and center, behind sprinkling...

Date: 1900-06 

Description: Indoor portrait of a European American woman posing sitting and holding three infants. Behind her on the left is a European American woman posing standing....

Date: 1900 ca.

Description: On left, John Pigeon – “He Cho Kah”. Born 1875, died August 1915.Unidentified young man on right poses in period clothing, with the exception of moccasins...

Date: 1926 

Description: Studio portrait in front of a painted backdrop of a Ho-Chunk man posed sitting and wearing a heavy winter suit coat, scarf, and hat. The Ho-Chunk powwow gr...

Date: 1910 ca.

Description: Thomas Thunder (HoonkHaGaKah) wears elaborate Ho-Chunk regalia including eagle feather bonnet, floral beaded shirt and breechcloth, loom-beaded bandolier b...

Date: 1902 ca.

Description: Girls walking in a parade, probably on Memorial Day.

Date: 1900 ca.

Description: Studio portrait of Amos Wallace (WeeKah), a Ho-Chunk-Menominee and his Ho-Chunk wife, Annie Bearchief Wallace Bearheart Redbird (MaHaNaKayWinKah) posed in...

Date: 1900 ca.

Description: Families gathered outside of Werner's Drugstore on annuity pay day. A sign reads "Medicine sold here" in Ho-Chunk, German, and Norwegian. The Ho-Chunk syll...

Date: 1900 ca.

Description: Two Ho-Chunk men wearing beaded shirts gather cranberries (hoocake) alongside a Ho-Chunk woman and a white man and woman. A large group of cranberry harves...

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