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Newspaper Article/Clipping

Mapes, David P

Date: 1789-1890


Shields, David

Date: 1780-1857

Biographical Book Excerpt

Kinder, Peter

Date: 1799-1873

County: Dodge

Biographical Book Excerpt

Haskell, Job

Date: 1794-1879

Date: 1776 

Description: Map of the American colonies and land east of the Mississippi River. Prominent cities, forts, Native American land, mountains, rivers and lakes are all sho...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Chambers, William

Date: 1798-1873

County: Sheboygan

Date: 1781 

Description: Map of the southern portion of the Chesapeake Bay and surrounding lands. It shows counties, a few cities and towns, forts, roads, islands, topographical fe...

Date: 1797-1884

Date: 1750 ca.

Description: Map of the northeast corner of America and Canada with hand-colored boundaries. The map shows colonies, Native American nations, fishing areas, and detaile...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Irvin, David

Date: 1794-1872

Date: 1733 

Description: This map of North America shows settlements, rivers, lakes, Native American land, trade winds, and numerous topographical features such as forests and moun...

Date: 1784 

Description: Plate 48. Portrait from Cook's Third Expedition, 1776-1779, while in Alaska.

Biographical Book Excerpt

Brunet, Jean

Date: 1791-1877

County: Chippewa

Biographical Book Excerpt

Smith, William Rudolph

Date: 1787-1868

County: Iowa

Date: 1787-1858

Date: 1755 

Description: Large format map of America and Canada east of the Mississippi River. D'Anville marks the locations of rivers, lakes, settlements, cities, Native American...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Bosworth, Howard

Date: 1795-

County: Milwaukee

Biographical Book Excerpt

Withington, Daniel

Date: 1799-

County: Rock

Biographical Book Excerpt

Thacher, Peter Oxenbridge

Date: 1776-1843

Biographical Book Excerpt

Doty, James Duane

Date: 1799-1865

County: Brown

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