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NHD Teacher Essentials

Download the annual theme book for this year, published by the national NHD program.

By using a committee governance structure, your nonprofit board can divide up its work into more manageable tasks.

When you start a new nonprofit organization, you must not overlook some mundane but important operating practices.

Aim for success by developing a fundraising strategy that incorporates the practices and methods in this article.

Each year member readers vote for the best original article of the volume year of the Wisconsin Magazine of History

Learn about assessing the condition of the structure, floors, ceilings, walls and fixtures of a historic building.

National History Day in Wisconsin

What to do after holding a National History Day event at your school

Learn how to use our newspapers, obituaries and biographical articles for genealogy research.

How You Can Win When You Lose

You may not win every historic preservation campaign, but you can use your foundation of support to launch your next effort.

Organizing a Fundraising Auction for Your Nonprofit Organization, Part 1 of 3

An auction is a great way to engage members in fundraising for your nonprofit organization, but it is also a huge commitment.

Learn how to identify and repair the decorative glass in your historic building.

Learn how to maintain the woodwork in your historic house or building.

A professional lobbyist can be a good investment when your historic preservation group wants to do a targeted campaign.

Learn how to purchase digital files and prints and receive permission for commercial and non-profit projects.

Many tools are available to help your historic preservation group produce and share rich and engaging multimedia content on the web.

By adopting a gift-acceptance policy, your nonprofit organization might be able to achieve both financial security and flexibility.

Social media has become so common that your historic preservation organization may appear out of touch if you do not use it in your operations.

Organizing a Publicity Event, Part 1 of 2

A publicity event is an ideal way for your historic preservation group to communicate information about a newsworthy or milestone event

Facebook offers enormous potential to build support and raise money for your cause.

Social events and educational programs are two of the best ways to build membership in your historic preservation organization.
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