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An early view of how a large corporation marketed a valuable piece of technology provides insight into contemporary views of consumerism and industry.

Historical Essay


Origin of Askeaton, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Askeaton, Wisconsin

Professor and University President

Discover the history of Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin

Historical Essay

Outagamie County

Origin of Outagamie County, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Outagamie County, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Driftless Area

Discover the ominously named hilly landscape environment of southwestern Wisconsin.

Learn about the first official government survey of Wisconsin Territory

Historical Essay

Wisconsin (statistics)

Some ststistics relating to Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Eau Claire's Bawdy Past

The Naughty City

Discover Eau Claire's naughty past as a hub of prostitution for the lumbermen looking to support the world's oldest profession.

Historical Essay

Early U.S. Settlement

Military Outposts in Wisconsin

Read how American forts were established and settlement increased in Wisconsin after the War of 1812.

Historical Essay

Vicksburg, Siege of

Civil War Battle Summary

Read this Civil War battle summary, the role played by Wisconsin troops, and links to battle maps, related images, and original documents.

Historical Essay


Origin of Edgerton, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Edgerton, Wisconsin

Brief history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Wisconsin.

Historical Essay


Origin of Preston, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Preston, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay


Origin of Wyocena, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Wyocena, Wisconsin

Historical Essay


Origin of Durand, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Durnad, Wisconsin.

Brief history of the Civil Rights Movement in Wisconsin.

Historical Essay


Origin of Ettrick, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Ettrick, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Hale's Corner

Origin of Hale's Corner, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Hale's Corner, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Early Paleo-Indian fluted spear point found in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, and made between 12,000 B.C. and 8,000 B.C. (Museum object #1985.2)
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