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Biography of Photojournalist Dickey Chapelle.

Historical Essay

Forest County Potawatomi

A Brief Introduction

Read about the Forest County Potawatomi band of Wisconsin.

Civil War Envelopes

View the culture and politics of a country at war with itself through envelopes produced by publishers and printers.

A Wisconsin Civil War Story

A Wisconsin Civil War Story

Historical Essay

Libraries in Wisconsin

Brief history of libraries in Wisconsin.

A Wisconsin Civil War Story

View images of regional singers and musicians from the Helene Stratman-Thomas folk music project.

Historical Essay


Origin of Deansville, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Deansville, Wisconsin

Cartoonist and Comic Artist

Discover the history of Thomas Carl Anderson

Historical Essay

Depression and Unemployment

Hard Times in Wisconsin

Discover the role Wisconsin played in ending the Great Depression

A Wisconsin Civil War Story

Menominee war chief

Read a brief account of the Menominee leader, Tomah. This article includes several links to primary sources and pictures.

Photographs by Richard Quinney

Discover the photographs of Richard Quinney from his book "Things Once Seen," containing more than 40 years of photos documenting his life.

Historical Essay

Civil War: 51st Infantry

Term: Civil War (51st Infantry) in the Dictionary of Wisconsin History

Historical Essay

Big Boy

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Trade figure from the Big Boy restaurant on South Park Street, Madison, Wisconsin, 1971-1985. (Museum object #1993.52)

A Hand-Book for the Homeseeker

Read about the dream of successful farming in northern Wisconsin in 1895.

Wisconsin Civil War Regiment

Read about the 40th Wisconsin Infantry, which served in the Civil War 1864-1865 and lost 19 men during service.

Historical Essay

Zeuske, Cathy S. 1958

Politician and State Treasurer

Discover the history of Cathy S. Zeuske

Historical Essay


Origin of Horicon, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Horicon, Wisconsin
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