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Historical Essay


Origin of Freya, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Freya, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Marching for Civil Rights

A Brief Biography of Father James Groppi

Find out how Roman Catholic priest Father James Groppi fought for housing equality in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Read this informative article about the life of the Wisconsin born author, most famous for the children's book series Little House on the Prairie.

Historical Essay

Holy Hill

Brief description of Holy Hill.

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Appointment book made of ivory, used by Wisconsin politician and businessman Cassius Fairchild of Madison, WI, during the 1850s. (Museum object #1971.19)

Historical Essay


Origin of Fairview, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Fairview, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Civil War Regiment

Read about the 3rd Wisconsin Cavalry, which served in the Civil War and lost 217 men during service.

Brief history of the Fox and Wisconsin River Improvement Company.

Historical Essay

Bad Axe, Battle of

Brief summation of the events pertaining to the concluding engagement of the Black Hawk War, The Battle of Bad Axe.

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Block-printed wall hanging produced by workers of the Milwaukee Handicraft Project, 1935-1943. (Museum object #1981.184.4)

Civil War Surgeon

Discover the history of Alfred Lewis Castleman

Educator and Author

Discover the history of Merlin Mcmain Ames

Learn about Robert M. La Follette's significant role in establishing the direct primary elections in Wisconsin.

Browse images about the formation of the U.S. Social Security Act, selected from the collections of federal employees Witte, Altmeyer, Cohen and Wickenden.

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Jar of marbles used in Wisconsin fair exhibits by Professor John Sweet Donald of the University of Wisconsin during the 1920s. (Museum object #1953.663)


Discover the history of John Christian Brandel.

Historical Essay


Origin of Eland, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Eland, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Wilson's Creek

Origin of Wilson's Creek, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Wilson's Creek, Wisconsin

Historical Essay

Florence County

Origin of Florence County

Discover the history of Florence County.

Brief explanation of the General Allotment Act, the federal legislation that divided tribal lands into small parcels for individuals.
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