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Editor and Women's Right Activist

Discover the history of Theodora Winton Youmans


Discover the history of newspaperman Andrew Jackson Aikens

Discover historical details and explore our online collections related to Lake Delton, Wisconsin.

A brief description of the history of dining out as a cultural tradition in Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Wilson's Creek

Origin of Wilson's Creek, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Wilson's Creek, Wisconsin

Historical Essay

Nativity Scene Crèche Set

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Nativity scene creche set assembled and used by a Polish-American family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin beginning around 1895. (Museum accession #2007.100)

Historical Essay

Wilder, Thornton (1897-1975)

Novelist and Playwright

Explore the history of playwrite Thorton Wilder

Historical Essay


Origin of Ettrick, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Ettrick, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Allis, Edward P. (1824-1889)

Learn more about the entrepreneur and manufacturing innovator who established, Allis Company, Milwaukee's largest industrial employer in the late 1880s.

Historical Essay

Soap Box Derby Racer

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

"Soap box" coaster car operated by Van Steiner in the All-American Soap Box Derby in 1957. (Museum object # 2009.56.1)

Historical Essay

The Origins of Thanksgiving

It's not What You Might Think

Discover the historical evidence of the first Thanksgiving.

Use census records to study immigration to Wisconsin and living conditions in the mid-19th century


Discover the history of William Boeppler

A brief description of the history of mining operations in Southwestern Wisconsin.

Brief history of the automobile industry in Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Arkansas Post, Battle of

Civil War Battle Summary

Learn about the Civil War battle that gave Union forces control of the Mississippi River.

A Short History of Wisconsin

Read about immigration and economic growth in 19th-century Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Gay's Mill (Utica)

Origin of Gay's Mill, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Gay's Mill, Wisconsin.

A Wisconsin Educator

Read about the Wisconsinite who was one of the first women to attend the University of Wisconsin and became the president of Milwaukee-Downer College.

Wisconsin World War II Stories: The Home Front

Have your students examine the role of the media during wartime by examining programs, films, and ads using NARA analysis techniques
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