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Date: 1953-01-27 

Description: Mrs. Garth Heisig, Arlington Heights, Illinois, purchases a silver bracelet in the Madison General Hospital Gift shop from Mrs. S.W. Sherlock, a hospital a...

Date:  date unknown

Description: A studio portrait of two young men who wear large hats, suit jackets, and neckties,. They are smoking cigars in front of a low stone wall and painted backd...


Man with Fur Coat


Description: Studio portrait of a well-dressed man wearing a fur coat, hat, vest with watch fob, and trousers in front of a painted backdrop. He is posed with his hand...


Edward F. Goes

Date:  date unknown

Description: Quarter-length studio portrait of Edward F. Goes, Milwaukee company vice-president.


Girl with Long Hair


Description: Portrait of a girl, with a bow in her long hair, seated.


Stephen D. Butts

Date: 1856 

Description: Quarter-length oval portrait of Stephen D. Butts. He was born in Pennsylvania on August 14, 1815. Butts came to Wisconsin on July 8, 1836, and was one of...

Date:  ca.

Description: A woman wearing Green Pay Packers apparel, American flag vest, and Bush-Cheney buttons.

Date: 1910 ca.

Description: Indoor portrait of August Krueger. A dark blanket is draped over a bookcase to act as a backdrop.

Date: 1957-03-26 

Description: Bella Levine relaxes in the corner of the living room in her home at 3412 Crestwood Drive. The room features a glass enclosed fireplace, oak paneling and b...

Date: 1948-06-16 

Description: Group portrait of the 1948 Soap Box Derby Committee. Standing in the rear: James G. Marshall, Park Commissioner; Charles Van Dell, president, Madison Junio...

Date: 1952-10-07 

Description: Group portrait of the printing press staff in the press room at the Wisconsin State Journal offices.

Date: 1893 ca.

Description: Studio portrait of Mrs. George Adams wearing white dress and large picture necklace. George Adams was the Sheriff of Jackson County.


Description: A studio portrait of a seated woman and two small children who wear identical dresses in front of a painted backdrop.

Date: 1918 ca.

Description: Studio portrait of a Ho-Chunk man and woman posed sitting and flanking a young Ho-Chunk woman posed standing in front of a painted backdrop. Will Thunder (...


Michael Dunn


Description: Head and shoulders studio portrait of Michael Dunn.

Date: 1845 ca.

Description: A cased daguerreotype portrait of Horace Griswold Bliss sitting in a chair with his legs crossed. He was purported to be Madison's first pharmacist. Bliss...

Date:  date unknown

Description: Studio portrait of an John Davis posed sitting and wearing a white shirt, tie, eyeglasses, and a hat. He is sitting in front of a painted backdrop.

Date: 1943-11-13 

Description: Robert Doyle in a Consolidated B-24 Liberator warplane during the Alexishafen strike. Alexishafen was a Japanese occupied airbase located on the northeast...


Dipping the Curd

Date: 1914 ca.

Description: A worker at the Jorden Cheese factory dips curd to make swiss cheese.

Date: 1965 ca.

Description: An elevated view of a crowded room. People are in the balcony and also on the main floor, surrounding a group of men on a raised platform in front of a fla...

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