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Mary MacLaren

Date: 1916 ca.

Description: Quarter-length studio portrait of Mary MacLaren young star of "Bluebird Photoplays."

Date:  date unknown

Description: People on the shore of East Lake (now called Lake Tahkodah) by the Gifford residence, with tipis in the distance.

Date:  date unknown

Description: Waist-up copy photograph of a studio portrait of Ho-Chunk woman wearing bead necklaces and earrings, probably the wife of Dr. Bill Thunder and the mother o...


Description: Two presidential political campaign buttons for Jimmy Carter. The button on top has a green circular border around a black and white portrait of Jimmy Cart...


Breakfast Club

Date: 1987-11-12 

Description: A waitress serves a group of older Italian-American men in a diner.

Date: 2004 

Description: Karen Huettner and son, Kevin, live at N7561 Hwy 175 (Section 36).

Date: 1925-11-08 

Description: A newspaper article in the "Chicago Sunday" tribune titled "Largest Staff of Its Kind in the World — At N.W.U." featuring a photograph of Richard Ely and h...

Date:  date unknown

Description: Indoor portrait of a woman seated in a rocking chair holding a baby on her knee. The infant is wearing a sailor dress.

Date:  date unknown

Description: Full-length studio portrait of a European American woman posed standing in the open gateway of a prop wooden fence with her right hand on the gate. She is...

Date: 1964 

Description: A woman stands in the foreground looking at the camera, while behind her two law enforcement officers wearing helmets examine protestors during a Freedom S...

Date: 1961-04-30 

Description: Pictured left to right are James Dombrowski, Carl and Anne Braden, Frank Wilkinson, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta King at a reception in Atlanta, Geo...


Mary Lou Munts

Date: 1976 

Description: Mary Lou Munts visiting a mine in Ontario.

Date: 1949 

Description: First Farmall M tractor manufactured at International Harvester's Doncaster Works (factory) in England, Great Britain. The tractor is loaded on the bed of...

Date: 1895 ca.

Description: Two women standing in the doorway of a house, numbered 419.

Date: 1968 ca.

Description: A woman with a scarf on her head and holding a parcel engaged in a conversation. Only the hand of the other speaker is visible in the photograph.


Hudson Cars

Date: 1953-02 

Description: "Hudson cars were made in Detroit from 1909 to 1957. At its peak in 1929, 100,000 cars were produced in one year. Arlene Neumeyer 'models' on one of the ca...


Description: White horses, white fences that money can't buy

Date: 1961-12-05 

Description: Full-length portrait of Vel Phillips wearing a dark dress with matching elbow-length gloves and earrings. She is holding a light colored clutch handbag. In...

Date: 1946-12-08 

Description: Three women in the millinery class at the Madison Vocational School looking at fabrics. Left to right: Mrs. Martelle Swanson, class instructor, and student...


Description: View of a crowd standing around a Ford 4-AT-A Trimotor sitting at a passenger terminal. The tail identifier reads: "1879."

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