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Magazine or Periodical

Time Magazine Cover


Description: Copy of Time Magazine cover with Daniel Hoan. Used for political campaign purposes.

Date: 1987-06 

Description: Parishioners surprise Reverend Charles D. Loehr with an anniversary party celebrating 40 years in the priesthood.


Oneida Colony

Date: 1936 ca.

Description: View of Oneida Colony, a northern lake resort. Small boats are lined up along the shore, and birds are gathered near a large birdhouse. A man is lifting on...


Logging Camp

Date:  date unknown

Description: Group portrait of men posed standing on the snow-covered ground in front of a log building. Three men stand with teams of two horses.

Date: 1972 

Description: The Goose Island Ramblers performing at Johnny's Packers Inn. Their instruments include accordions, guitar, and a fiddle. Tommy McDermott sits in on a but...

Date:  date unknown

Description: Leo Capser standing in front of passenger train at the Ashland Depot.

Date: 1908 ca.

Description: Portrait of John Muir. He is seated and is reading a book.


Dry Goods Store


Description: Interior of a dry goods store, possibly Monsos Brothers. Woman and man purchasing supplies. Man behind the counter identified as probably Martin Olson.

Date: 1949-04-19 

Description: Group portrait of the members of the new Madison City Council. Front row, left to right: Ray Fessenden, John E. Coyne, and Frank Haas. Back row: Willilam C...


George G. Burr

Date: 1865 before

Description: Ferrotype/tintype of George G. Burr in a Civil War uniform and cap. Waist-up portrait, seated sideways in a chair, with his arm on the back of his chair. H...

Date: 1920 ca.

Description: A man is standing in the road next to an automobile at an artesian well, while two men are standing on the right in front of a wooden fence. Water flows fr...

Date:  date unknown

Description: Men steer mule-drawn Fire Department carts down a dirt road in Matamoros, Mexico. Several buildings stand in the background.

Date: 1952 

Description: Rose and Walter Wolf Peltz with son, Andre, who is dressed up in a cowboy costume, at Lake Park.

Date: 1920 

Description: Color illustration of the Illinois Super-Drive tractor appearing beneath the heading, "The Master Drive Road Builder of America. Special Road Building Mode...

Date: 1957-09-06 

Description: Group portrait of the East High School football team.


J.B. Farnsworth


Description: Carte-de-visite of J.B. Farnsworth of the 4th Wisconsin Cavalry.

Date: 1957-12-06 

Description: Terrence Roberts of the Little Rock Nine.

Date:  date unknown

Description: Two men standing in wooden rowboat along shore of Madeline Island. There are sailboats in the background. Behind them is a large rock just off the shoreli...

Date: 1952 ca.

Description: Three employees working at the Hess Cooperage sawmill, quarter sawing oak logs to make staves and heads for barrels.

Date: 1926 

Description: The Coldwater Canyon Hotel tennis court, with two men playing tennis.

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