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Date: 1915-10-30 

Description: Outdoor group portrait of people identified as "settlers" (lot buyers) to the Nakoma development. Many of the people are wearing or holding a long-stemmed...

Date: 1931-06 

Description: Henry Esser stands on the step in front of Koltes & Esser Hardware in the 300 block of West Lakeside Street. Fencing, garbage cans, a hose reel and lawn mo...

Date: 1947-03-29 

Description: Four University of Wisconsin boxing principals watching a bout at the NCAA National Boxing Tournament at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Field House. F...

Date: 1944-03 

Description: Republican Presidential candidate Wendell Willkie with Harold C. Schultz (R-Wauwatosa), and Peter F. Piasecki (R-Milwaukee), during Willkie's 1944 campaign...

Date: 1956-06-07 

Description: Nine men from the University of California rowing crew hold eight oars while standing on a dock on the University of Wisconsin campus. Posed in the order i...

Date: 1955-08-28 

Description: Architect Frank Lloyd Wright being filmed for the Omnibus television program. Wright and apprentice Frances Nemtin are standing in front of the Unitarian M...

Date: 1879 

Description: Stereograph portrait of Robert M. La Follette, Sr., taken during his senior year at the University of Wisconsin.

Date: 1952-09-08 

Description: Four new teachers on the staff of Central High School gather around a desk in a classroom. From left to right: Miss Marguerite Wojta, mathematics;Miss Luci...

Date: 1914 ca.

Description: Double exposure of two views of the exterior of the Royal Theater at 407 Atwood Avenue in the Schenk-Atwood Neighborhood (address now 2142 Atwood). The lar...

Date: 1894 ca.

Description: A formation of soldiers stand at attention during the dedication ceremony for the University of Wisconsin-Madison gymnasium.


Men Riding the Bus


Description: Two men riding the city bus.

Date: 1874 ca.

Description: Two men, one holding a sword, and a woman are posed on the steps of a two-story bracket style house with a parapet roof and brick foundation. In the backgr...

Date: 1955-09-04 

Description: Harold Lampert and E.N. (Pim) Quinn discussing their proposal to bring the 1958 Elks National Association bowling tournament to Madison in 1958. They will...

Date: 1951-02-01 

Description: Action shot taken during the University of Wisconsin vs. Butler men's basketball game. The University of Wisconsin won 60 to 35.


Description: Naval students sit together at long tables and write messages while listening to earphones at the U.S. Naval Training School (Radio). In the background a m...

Date: 1975-06-13 

Description: A group of three men and one woman siting in a booth at the Club Tavern with author E.E. LeMasters, who is wearing a sport coat. Copies of the author's boo...

Date: 1927-08-22 

Description: Charles Lindbergh landing the Spirit of St. Louis, a Ryan NYP at Pennco Field (Royal Airport). This stop was one of only two appearances made in Wis...


N.M. Juneau

Date: 1856 

Description: Quarter-length oval portrait of N.M. Juneau. He was born in Green Bay on November 14, 1821, and resided in Theresa, Dodge County.

Date:  date unknown

Description: A corner of the room where a painting of a tree is hanging on the wall. Above the bookshelf there are several sculptures and artworks. Above the television...


Bob Bender Party

Date:  date unknown

Description: Group portrait of men and women posing together in front of a bar. The room has panelled walls, on which are mounted a number of deer heads and other parap...

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