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Farmhouse on Hill

Date: 1900 ca.

Description: View up hill towards farmhouse. There is a woman using a hand-pump in the yard on the right.

Date: 1910 ca.

Description: Studio portrait in front of a painted backdrop of a Ho-Chunk boy posed sitting, and two boys standing. The young man sitting is holding a a package wrapped...

Date: 1908 before

Description: View from wood sidewalk towards a marching band parading up Main Street during a patriotic celebration. There is a banner that reads: "Welcome" in the back...

Date: 1905 ca.

Description: Copy photograph of a studio portrait of Ho-Chunk couple, Little Soldier (NoGinKah) and his wife Bettie Littlesoldier (BayBayBawKah) sitting and wearing re...

Date: 1925 ca.

Description: Studio portrait of an elderly Ho-Chunk man posed sitting in front of a painted backdrop. He is wearing a suit jacket and eyeglasses, and is identified as M...

Date: 1925 ca.

Description: Studio portrait of Ho-Chunk couple, Blackhawk (KaRaChooSepMeKah) and his wife Louisa Mike (HumpACooWinKah). Blackhawk is posed sitting on a low stone fence...

Date: 1920 ca.

Description: Studio portrait of Ho-Chunk men, Charles Sine Sr. and Harry Swallow, both posed sitting, wearing hats, and holding guns in front of a painted backdrop. The...

Date: 1901 ca.

Description: Studio portrait of Ho-Chunk sisters, Nellie Winneshiek Twocrow Redcloud (WaConChaWinKah) and her older sister Kate Winneshiek Lonetree (WauKonChawKooWinKa...

Date: 1931 ca.

Description: Studio portrait of three young Ho-Chunk women, one posed standing and the other two sitting, all wearing modern dress and hats. Bertha Climer stands behind...

Date: 1904 ca.

Description: Studio portrait of group in front of a painted backdrop. A Ho-Chunk man wearing a suit and overcoat is posed sitting on the left and a Ho-Chunk woman weari...

Date: 1900 ca.

Description: Studio portrait of a Ho-Chunk man posed standing next to his wife posed sitting in front of a painted backdrop. They are identified as George Greengrass (W...

Date: 1910 

Description: Large group posed in front of a frame house.

Date: 1913-05-07 ca.

Description: Quarter-length studio portrait of a woman in Ho-Chunk regalia wrapped in a blanket, with a child on her back. The child wears a fur hat, and the woman is w...

Date: 1902 ca.

Description: Boys walking in a Memorial Day parade, in front of the Women's Relief Corps with umbrellas.


Powwow Group

Date: 1908 ca.

Description: Ho-Chunk performers gather behind a drum and Winnebago baskets at the 1908 Homecoming. Standing from the left are Jim Swallow (MaPaZoeRayKeKah), William Ma...


Pow Wow Scene

Date: 1908 

Description: Drummers and dancers at pow wow led by Chief Winneshiek, below Lutheran Church in a canvas enclosure.

Date: 1900 ca.

Description: Two Ho-Chunk men wearing beaded shirts gather cranberries (hoocake) alongside a Ho-Chunk woman and a white man and woman. A large group of cranberry harves...


Homecoming Powwow

Date: 1908 ca.

Description: Ho-Chunk men and women sitting and standing around a large medicine drum in an area portioned off by canvas barriers in front of a lodge. Identified as the...

Date: 1911 

Description: Photographic postcard view of the aftermath of a flood in a residential neighborhood. There is broken wood in the road.

Date: 1902 

Description: Women's Relief Corps with umbrellas parading down the street. Stuffed eagle parading as "Old Abe." Directly behind the two flags are, from left to right:...

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