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How You Can Win When You Lose

You may not win every historic preservation campaign, but you can use your foundation of support to launch your next effort.

Your historic preservation group can use a free online mapping tool to create a virtual tour of a historic site or building in your community.

Understanding Your Community's Values about Historic Resources, Part 2 of 2

Your historic preservation advocacy work will be most effective if you match your efforts to your community's values on historic resources.

Steps for removing non-historic replacement siding on a historic building.

The best way to handle a historic preservation problem that gets a lot of public exposure is to turn it into a PR opportunity.

Learn best practices for painting the exterior masonry on your historic building.

Learn how to replace drop wood siding on your historic building.

Learn how archaeologists request approval from the Director of the Wisconsin Historical Society

Learn how to clean, repair, paint and maintain metal features on your historic building.

Guide or Instruction

Cemetery Records Research Tips

Learn tips for using cemetery records for family history research.

Your historic preservation group has many options to seek funding for preservation-related arts and humanities projects.

Learn the ways that members can support your nonprofit organization beyond just paying their annual dues.

Learn how to purchase digital files and prints and receive permission for commercial and non-profit projects.

Even if your nonprofit organization is staffed entirely by volunteers, your group must create a budget to operate effectively.

Submission Guidelines

The Historic Preservation and Restoration Awards recognize exemplary projects that have preserved or restored a part of Wisconsin's heritage

Use press releases and media advisories to alert the media about your historic preservation group's newsworthy events.

A service-learning collaboration could be the perfect way for your historic preservation group to fulfill a specific project need.

National History Day in Wisconsin

What to do the day of a National History Day event at your school

Follow this 5-step inspection to determine if your historic house or building needs new electrical wiring.

Government Relations for Historic Preservation Advocates, Part 1 of 2

Your historic preservation advocacy group can accomplish great things by building a good relationship with government officials.
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