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Biographical Book Excerpt

Edson, Guy

Date: 1794-

County: Crawford

Date: 1785 

Description: Map of part of North America engraved and hand-colored (the light brown design is a superposition of the map and cartouche derived from the oxidation of th...

Date: 1790-1856

Biographical Book Excerpt

Gratiot, Henry

Date: 1789-1836

Biographical Book Excerpt

Vliet, Garret

Date: 1790-1877

Date: 1755 

Description: This map shows forts, missions, villages and cities, rivers and portages, and boundaries of the Spanish, English, and French territories, marking the large...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Avery, Alfred

Date: 1797-1880

County: Sauk

Biographical Book Excerpt

Sullivan, James

Date: 1744-1808

Date: 1780 after

Description: Drawn plan of Ohio River and area to the West.

Map or Atlas

Map of United States

Date: 1784 

Description: Map of The United States of America according to the Treaty of Peace of 1784.

Biographical Book Excerpt

Percival, James Gates

Date: 1795-1856

County: Grant


Anderson, John

Date: 1799-1883

Biographical Book Excerpt

Madog, ab Owain Gwynedd

Date: 1150-1180

Biographical Book Excerpt

Powell, John

Date: 1799-

Biographical Book Excerpt

Williams, Eleazer

Date: 1787-1858

Date: 1765 

Description: Map showing the new British territories of East and West Florida following the Treaty of Paris at the end of the French and Indian War. It shows boundaries...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Pauquette, Pierre

Date: 1796-1836

Date: 1792 

Description: Map of Pennsylvania showing counties, cities, towns, forges and mills, houses, roads, portages, mountains, lakes, and rivers. The map also shows donation a...

Biographical Book Excerpt


Date: 1795-1858

Biographical Book Excerpt

Agry, David

Date: 1794-1877

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