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Brief timeline of Wisconsin history from 1900 to 1999.

Historical Essay

Green Lake, Green Lake Co.

Origin of Green Lake, Green Lake County

Discover the history of Green Lake, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Galena River (Fever River)

Origin of Galena River, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Galena River, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Croatians in Wisconsin

Learn about the Croatian immigrants who came to Wisconsin, primarily between 1890 and 1914.

Historical Essay


Origin of Askeaton, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Askeaton, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Civil War Regiment

Read about the 4th Wisconsin Cavalry, originally 4th Wisconsin Infantry, from Racine, which served in the Civil War 1861-1966 and lost 431 men in service.

Classroom Material

Vel Phillips

Discover the story of Vel Phillips, the first African American woman to become a judge in Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Bra Flag

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Land of the Freed-up Woman American flag banner made from bras, 1971. (Museum object #2000.79.1)

Historical Essay


Origin of Ekdall, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Ekdall, Wisconsin.


Discover the history of Lyman Eddy Barnes

Historical Essay


Origin of Evansville, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Evansville, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay


Origin of Hertel, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Hertel, Wisconsin.

Read about the Home for Women, a reformatory for women aged 18 -31, and the State Prison for Women, which became the Taycheedah Correctional Institution.

Historical Essay


Origin of Freedom, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Freedom, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Civil War Officer, U.S. Congressman, Founder of General Mills


Discover the history of Washington Becker

Learn to use primary source materials to teach students about the abolitionist movement in Wisconsin in the 1850s.

Wisconsin and the Civil War

Use the 1862 Civil War Draft Riots to examine differing opinions on the Civil War in Wisconsin

Explore stories and artifacts from America's atomic age.

Historical Essay

Gettysburg, Battle of

Civil War Battle Summary

Learn about Wisconsin's role in one of the most pivotal battles of the Civil War. This article includes links to related images and documents.
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