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Learn best practices to maintain and/or replace the original furnace in your historic house.

Submission Guidelines

The Reuben Gold Thwaites Trophy is presented annually a historical society for excellence in service to its community.

How to identify water-related issues and ways to keep water away from the foundation of a historic building.

Guide or Instruction

Contributor Guidelines

How To Submit Manuscripts to Wisconsin Magazine of History

Learn the guidelines for proper submission of manuscripts to be considered for publication in Wisconsin Magazine of History.

National History Day in Wisconsin

What to do before holding a National History Day event at your school

Guide or Instruction

Census Records Research Tips

Learn tips for using census records for family history research.

Partnerships for Historic Preservation Advocacy, Part 1 of 2

Your historic preservation advocacy group can maximize its impact on your community by finding a partner to expand your talent and expertise.

Methods for improving the energy efficiency of historic windows.

Learn how to replace drop wood siding on your historic building.

Learn how to start researching your family history using our physical and online family history resources.

Young people may have much to offer your historic preservation organization - and they could turn into dues-paying members down the road.

Learn how to repair mortar on your historic brick, stone or stucco building.

Elements to look for and pay attention to when renovating the interior of a historic building.

A press list is an essential tool for you to develop a working relationship with members of the press.

Learn about the types of federal funding programs available for preserving a historic building or place in your community.

Guide or Instruction

About the Museum Exhibit Awards

Submission Guidelines

The Wisconsin Historical Society invites nominations for its Museum Exhibit Awards

The passion that fuels advocacy work can also lead to friction and conflict among the staff, board members, and volunteers of a nonprofit organization.

Insulate and seal walls in your historic house to improve energy efficiency.

Use these five tools to craft a convincing message to advocate for historic preservation in your community.
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