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Historical Essay


Origin of Price, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Price, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Kreiter Piano Company

Learn about the Kreiter Piano Company, which produced pianos in Milwaukee and Marinette between 1880 and 1945.

Historical Essay

Pakegama Lake

Origin of Pakegama Lake, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Pakegama Lake, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Pierce, Hattie, 1829-1944

Born into slavery, Hattie Pierce lived 115 years and was able to fully experience both life before and after emancipation.

Historical Essay


Origin of Whittlesey, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Whittlesey, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Bowling shirt designed, made and worn by Earlene Fuller of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, c. 1995. (Museum object #2008.176.5)

Historical Essay


Origin of Erdman, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Erdman, Wisconsin.

Farming in America

Discover the history of the International Harvester Company through the Wisconsin Historical Society's images

Historical Essay

Zaborski, Richard J. 1927

Politician and Veteran

Discover the history of Richard J. Zaborski

Historical Essay


Origin of Gardner, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Gardner, Wisconsin.

Learn about the strong influence Wisconsin held on the national automobile industry in the early-mid 20th Century.

Learn about the first official government survey of Wisconsin Territory

A Wisconsin Historical Society Menu Sampler

View menus selected from the collections of the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Origin of Greenfield, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Greenfield, Wisconsin.

Learn how artifacts are conserved after they have been excavated from their underwater resting places

A Wisconsin Civil War Story

On May 9, 1864, Ojibwe Indians from the 7th Wisconsin Infantry help drive back enemy skirmishers with American Indian war tactics in Spotsylvania, Virginia

Native American Photographs

Collection of photographs documenting Native American life and the impact of federal government.

Historical Essay

Civil War: 47th Infantry

Term: Civil War (47th Infantry) in the Dictionary of Wisconsin History

Learn about how the 1st Wisconsin Cavalry helped capture Confederate President Jefferson Davis in 1865.

The Photographs of Harold Hone

This article describes the careers of Harold Hone and Frank Utpatel in relation to the W.P.A.
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